McKay to release debut studio album.

McKay to release debut studio album.

January 2024 – McKay is a dynamic and innovative band from Nashville, Tennessee. Although deeply rooted in indie folk, the group’s music effortlessly wanders between old-school vibes and fresh influences, as showcased on their upcoming studio album self-titled “McKay”.

The band consists of members Hudson Haining (songwriter/lead vocals/guitar/harmonica), James Eichman (harmonies/lead guitar/ banjo), Zachery Shirley (bass), and Peter Dark (drums). McKay’s distinctive sound is the result of their collaborative
synergy. Rather than adhering to conventions and cliches, the band embraces an open-ended approach, fusing insightful musical concepts with lyrics that are relatable and thought-provoking. The heartfelt performances that drive each song are a perfect match with the vocals, highlighting the integrity and honesty of the band.

On songs such as “Day Moon,” the group combines soothing atmospherics with an interesting rhythm section that brings a higher level of sophistication to the band’s indie-folk format. At times classic, at others innovative, “Day Moon” is a perfect example of McKay’s artistry.

Another standout track, “Last Man Alive,” provides a glimpse into yet another side of their upcoming album. The song is characterized by earnest and intricate vocal harmonies and deeply personal lyrics. The Americana backdrop, featuring the banjo and harmonica, adds a distinct flavor to the composition.

It’s not just about folk: “Tomorrow” shows that McKay is also able and willing to dive into rock music. The open, anthemic chords match the uplifting vocal performance, making for a direct and one-of-a-kind flow that brings something different to the sound of the band. It is not always easy to allow rock and folk to coexist in such a direct way, but “Tomorrow” is a testament to the band’s versatility.

Fans of artists as diverse as Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, and Wilco will most definitely be able to connect with what McKay is all about musically.

Album release January 28, 2024.

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