SoullessProphet – Twisted Instincts (Review)

SoullessProphet - Twisted Instincts (Review)

Check out the music review for the album, ‘Twisted Instincts’ released by SoullessProphet

SoullessProphet is a music project with a passion for raw and unapologetic songwriting. Recently, the act released a brand new studio album titled “Twisted Instincts.” This release features 13 studio tracks, each exploring a different theme, while they all stay together quite consistently.

There are many notable highlights here, but tracks such as “Meet Your End” and “Sinister,” are among our favorite moments on the album. SoullessProphet has a very confrontational vibe, which gives their songs a truly fearsome aesthetic. It’s amazing to actually hear how far they take their aggression and how they can capture so much energy on their tracks! The high-quality of the production also helps, bringing so much texture and authenticity to the sound of the band.

With this album, it was clear from the start that SoullessProphet was hellbent on creating something memorable. The project blurs the lines between various creative currents, falling within the realm of alternative music, but also following so many other currents and influences.

Find out more about SoullessProphet and check out “Twisted Instincts,” which is currently available on the web.