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SoullessProphet – Demigothic

SoullessProphet gives us a flashback to his third album, 'Demigothic' Do not miss out on listening to it here: https://open.spotify.com/album/4UGtlN3nm1rdPBSsVyCQU3?si=Tnf6QnA0Sw6u6KdxnAMnkA FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – Better to Be Feared

Check out the new single, 'Better to Be Feared' released by SoullessProphet   If you like what you here check out my other songs on...

SoullessProphet – Hour Glass

SoullessProphet presents his exciting single, 'Hour Glass' Flashback to this beauty https://open.spotify.com/track/5w2ShlmmxdhGcOqUQ9hGm6 FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – The Celebration (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album, “Monster Celebration, Vol.1” released by SoullessProphet SoullessProphet is an artist with a focus on creating powerful...

SoullessProphet – Monster Celebration Vol.1

SoullessProphet presenting his new album, 'Monster Celebration Vol.1' just in time for Halloween Happy Halloween from your SoullessProphet! https://open.spotify.com/album/18XPW39YaBHbXjn2iMiDFo?si=XMUn4RzGT_uDTU6ogQmtjQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – Monster Celebration Vol.1

SoullessProphet is back for halloween with his exciting new release, 'Monster Celebration Vol.1' Happy Halloween from your SoullessProphet! FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – Different Breed (Remastered)

SoullessProphet presenting his single, 'Different Breed (Remastered)' Brought back a song that a lot of people enjoyed. https://open.spotify.com/track/1ZDZOs9s3Un3cvsFhHjHEJ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – Waking Monsters

SoullessProphet give us a flashback to his second album, 'Waking Monsters' https://open.spotify.com/album/2rccfXKxxFYhCHbmfpH0tx FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – From the Grave

SoullessProphet is back with a new single entitled, 'From the Grave' Dead for sometime yet still he cries. https://open.spotify.com/track/3HfA0Agl0ALSIbWAkumKhB FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

SoullessProphet – Twisted Instincts (Review)

Check out the music review for the album, 'Twisted Instincts' released by SoullessProphet SoullessProphet is a music project with a passion for raw and unapologetic...


Robert Manigault - She Falls

Robert Manigault – She Falls

Robert Manigault presents: “She Falls,” a new single and music video. May 2020 - Robert Manigault is back on the music scene with a stunning...
Terry Blade - Misery

Terry Blade – Misery

"Misery" is singer/songwriter Terry Blade's debut 6-track EP. It is a personal reveal into the Chicago-based artist's experiences with depression, grief, loss, and perseverance....
Baby A - Pampila

Baby A – Pampila

3 year old Baby A drops fire dance tune “Pampilla”. As the world faces the new reality of the COVID-19 lockdown, everybody has been finding...
Pace Otto - Like Jigga

Pace Otto – Like Jigga

Pace Otto introducing brand new single release: Like Jigga May 2020 - Rap artist Pace Otto has a very energetic sound and a unique lyrical...
Aleah Renee - Good Love

Aleah Renee – Good Love

New single by Aleah Renee titled, 'Good Love' I'm a new artist from Louisville Kentucky. My style is r&b and I hope y'all like the...
Anthony Aramouni - L. Cohen

Anthony Aramouni – L. Cohen

Official Music Video for new single, 'L. Cohen' by Anthony Aramouni Anthony Aramouni has combined his ear for music and eye for film in this,...
The ZeVroN DoN - ZeVeSiS

The ZeVroN DoN – ZeVeSiS

The ZeVroN DoN is back with his new track, 'ZeVeSiS' Zé HittiN Ya'll wiT AnotheR One! ThiZ neW TracK "Zevesis" off hiZ DebuT AlbuM "GranDioZe"...
Coni Puelma - Solo Una Noche

Coni Puelma – Solo Una Noche

Coni Puelma announces the release of her new single: Solo Una Noche Coni Puelma is a Chilean singer and songwriter, settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina....
Peezy P Reallae - Trinches

Peezy P Reallae – Trinches

Peezy P Reallae drops the official music video for his latest single: Trinches What is good my peoples,'m gearing up for my new project (No...
Modest - Best Of Modest

Modest – Best Of Modest

Best Of Modest, new album release by Modest I go by the Name of Modest from the Bronx NY giving y’all this Best Of Modest...
Joseph Parish - Beau

Joseph Parish – Beau

Joseph Parish (Joe Parish & Uplifters Ranch) introducing debut single, Beau. May 2020 - Joseph Parish, is a singer and songwriter also known for under...
B. Cole - Game Changer

B. Cole – Game Changer

Adding to a repertoire of high profile hustle tracks, B. Cole solidifies his mark on the game with his release of “Game Changer” this...

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