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City of Sound – Odyssey

City of Sound PRESENT their new track: Odyssey We are a 100% diy band. All production, mixing, and mastering is done by us! https://open.spotify.com/track/3cX2BqcZcdtWhP9IRqPeUy?si=oMT8qaXBSYmkBBnYltwD7Q FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...

Le Baron Rouge – Buny

Le Baron Rouge presents: Buny April 2021 - Le Baron Rouge has a band name that pays homage to the Red Baron, one of the...

Crewboy – Goodness & Sunshine

Crewboy PRESENTS: Goodness & Sunshine Crewboy is an alternative rock artist from Montana. "Goodness & Sunshine" dives into the battle of depression and anxiety. https://open.spotify.com/track/5JOkFbnr7T9tR9Z7EXbSwj?si=d18919e24851426d

Gabe Griffin – I Miss Finding Your Hair (on my clothes)

Gabe Griffin announces the release of his new single: I Miss Finding Your Hair (on my clothes) https://open.spotify.com/track/0g61coKJCwhFZSFxx3fCPs?si=FcRMu-7_SAyZKrm4FbAkDA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

The Dye – Dance Away

Check out, 'Dance Away' by The Dye The Dye is the edgy rock sound of the musical/artistic blend of Bruno Arredondo and Eudora Ellis who...

Cameron John and the Rosebuds – Running Out

Cameron John and the Rosebuds present their latest single, 'Running Out' Cameron John and the Rosebuds is a musical group created by Cameron LeBlanc, A...

The Simple Radicals – White Rabbit (Jefferson Airplane Cover)

The Simple Radicals/Che-Val version of Jefferson Airplane's iconic song "White Rabbit" was officially released March 5th. The Simple Radicals are a retro rock band from...

Mya Gomez – Take My Hand

Mya Gomez presents her single, 'Take My Hand' Alternative rock singer songwriter from Toronto Canada new single about mental health https://open.spotify.com/track/39dMbf4GMG5JcOTaTMalWv?si=Evfa_pH_Rz6k7-eBwLUsvg FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...

SameLand. – Tonic Take 2

SameLand. introducing their single, 'Tonic Take 2' https://open.spotify.com/track/06zSnHp8TKxjTyRsZRk1SE?si=FosQ12mLSkCOGw6cqwhYmg A funky reimagining of an earlier track ‘Tonic’! Get your ears around it

Cloi Crider – Pretending Something’s There

Cloi Crider is back with her new release, 'Pretending Something’s There' New EP https://open.spotify.com/album/0mVaXx6RlTuQn9A2MaNCX4?si=ZQnCia-3TkC-yk1ESahdlg


John William Flautist ft. Big Gipp & James Worthy - Night Drive

John William Flautist ft. Big Gipp & James Worthy – Night Drive

John William Flautist drops his new single, 'Night Drive' featuring Big Gipp & James Worthy John William, Flautist is vastly emerging as one of the...
Trueace - Winning

Trueace – Winning

Trueace proudly presents his single, 'Winning' Trueace is dancehall new sensations. Originally from kingston Jamaica currently based in toronto canada. A member of the music...
bonsche - Check

bonsche – Check

bonsche is back with the release of his new single, 'Check' bonsche is a musician, producer and audio engineer from Norderstedt/Germany. He is running his...
Jlei - Erde

Jlei – Erde

Erde, the first single from Jlei's debut album Vo Afang «Erde» ist die erste Single-Auskopplung aus dem Debutalbum «Vo Afang Ah» von Jlei, das am 21....
Dave Damiani & the No Vacancy Orchestra - Come Fly With Me

Dave Damiani & the No Vacancy Orchestra – Come Fly With Me

Dave Damiani & the No Vacancy Orchestra PRESENT: Come Fly With Me Dave Damiani & the No Vacancy Orchestra have been mainstays on XM71 Siriusly...
Mark Andrew Hansen - You Come to Me

Mark Andrew Hansen – You Come to Me

Mark Andrew Hansen proudly presents his single, 'You Come to Me' When you lose someone it can take a long time to grieve and recover....
Raca Flaca - Gemini (Risky Business)

Raca Flaca – Gemini (Risky Business)

Gemini (Risky Business) is the first release from artist Raca Flaca. On this track, 2011 America's Got Talent Winner Landau Murphy Jr. is featured....
Alejandro J. Miramontes - Cinematic Frames

Alejandro J. Miramontes – Cinematic Frames

Alejandro J. Miramontes PRESENTS: Cinematic Frames I am a gigging musician from Katy, Texas. I am 25 years old with a big passion for music https://open.spotify.com/album/0EpbS3goMQxLhwIJlk5ERl?si=2F0efWYaSX25pSZ3ND98rg PURCHASE...
S!las - Solid

S!las – Solid

S!las PRESENTS: Solid Single off of my upcoming EP https://open.spotify.com/track/7biZbnqCt5FP63EOdT8d88?si=wxGjiEVoTG6m-QP1asAQZA
iDO - In Control

iDO – In Control

In Control by iDO iDO's 'In Control' is an emotional empowerment anthem boasting lyrics like 'All the voices in my head/Telling me I'm not worthy/Sayin’...
BM Casso - Bend Low

BM Casso – Bend Low

BM Casso drops his brand new single, 'Bend Low' BM Casso, A.K.A. Badman, is an independent Nigerian artist/songwriter, who is currently based in the U.S....
Wriss Parker - Splash

Wriss Parker – Splash

Sioux Falls native, Wriss Parker returns with new single “Splash.” Before listening to this bar-filled record, get Google open. Trust me, you’re going to...

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