Duke Charelle – Epilogue

Duke Charelle has released a brand new studio single: Epilogue

November 2021 – Although the meaning of its title relates to the ending of something, Epilogue actually feels like a fantastic new beginning for singer and songwriter Duke Charelle, who set out to dazzle the audience with his fantastic new release. The new song is titled Epilogue, and it is decidedly one-of-a-kind. The backdrop of the music tips the hat off to neo-soul and experimental R&B with some electronic elements, but the guitar sound adds a decidedly rock flair to the song. The guitar playing is articulate, with beautifully sustained notes and a creamy distortion sound that adds so much power of expression to every single note. In addition to that, the vocal parts are extremely smooth, at times bordering with spoken word poetry and bringing something quite unique to the mix. This song could be described as experimental, but there is also a much-welcome catchy component to it, making it extremely special.

Find out more about Duke Charelle, and do not miss out on Epilogue. This fantastic R&B / Rock hybrid is currently available on streaming services!