Christian Heath – One (A World Song) ft. Infidelix (Review)

Christian Heath - One (A World Song) ft. Infidelix (Review)

Christian Heath, releases EP “One”

Christian Heath has his mission set out on his latest single ‘One (A World Song)’ in his visionary movement of rock music holding the name of God the omnipotent God close to his heart and the talent of his virtuous music through his spirit.

The inspirational lyrics provide a theological perspective that believers of God can come behind with a Biblical pretext to the compositions infused with rock and class gospel sound intertwined effectively.

This exceptional music is transcendent of the immediate reality enmeshed with the heavenly bodies of an oracle truth and possible future. Furthermore, this music challenges the monotonous sound of some other Christian bands by delivering their music with conviction and dire credence.

The album is palatable for everyone as it does not stand on a soap box with preachy songwriting – Rather the music is meant to inspire the masses through a collectivism of instrumental quality and melodious choral singing structures.

Each track is a huge embodiment of a power surge of ambient soundscapes and choral inspired execution. One brings the whole world to its knees through the foundation of the interconnectedness that we all reap within our very souls.

Heath’s music is the language to communicate the message and the conviction is the essence channeled through the populous.