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JAYDA – Party In My Head

JAYDA proudly presents her exciting new single, 'Party In My Head' https://open.spotify.com/track/1fGLFg9aOy4rqmZeEEqQEs?si=M4cj4eIMRMezPVRKXMvwWw   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

B-Bless – Hourglass

B-Bless presents his single Hourglass off his album 'King of Hearts'. https://open.spotify.com/track/19Rbn81ayerfm11eH9766Y   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Andrew Rudy – Bus 2: Nowhere

Bus 2: Nowhere is a pop rock song by independent artist Andrew Rudy. It is a song about feeling lost in your current situation in...

Calynn – Stay Tonight

Calynn proudly presents her exciting new single, 'Stay Tonight' "Stay Tonight" is about new love and how scary and exciting it can be when you...

WVLNGTH – do me like that

Check out the new single, 'do me like that' released by WVLNGTH   https://open.spotify.com/track/6YElmI9vb6U8KHpCouhSqV?si=Ur5uMNqwQlCIRC3os6cMVA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER

Zoë Ferguson – Dip

Zoë Ferguson proudly presents her latest single, 'Dip' In 2016, 15-year-old Zoë Ferguson began writing songs as a way to cope with high school experiences...

Da Image – Remember Me

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Remember me' by Da Image  Please to introduce Myself .My Artist Name Is Da Image . I was...

NIGHTBREAKERS – Disappearing

NIGHTBREAKERS proudly present their exciting new single, 'Disappearing' "Disappearing" is a groovy, bass-pounding track with driving synths and powerful drums with catchy melodies. https://open.spotify.com/track/2UqWtS4KBaaRrZiTFGCwhs?si=Hu1JU6tWRrO-KZ3qR7PtvA PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:...

Fancy J London – All Alone

Fancy J London presenting her single titled, 'All Alone' Fancy J London an Eletro Pop Artist from Boston Massachusetts, carries a well rounded vocal fusion...

Ari Skye – Warriors

ArtistRack brings to you 'Warriors' by the talented Ari Skye: This song is about bullying, intimidation and how kids have to stand up for themselves...


Larae Music - On Life

Larae Music – On Life

Larae Music presenting her exciting new single, 'On Life' Larae Music is from Bronx N.Y and now home based in the Asbury park area of...

Dangerous Rob – Real Sh!t

Dangerous Rob presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Real Sh!t' Tulsa Oklahoma Native Dangerous Rob is set to release a Hot New Single titled 'Real Sh!t'..featuring...
Philip Cristancho - Mariposas

Philip Cristancho – Mariposas

Check out the new single, 'Mariposas' written by Philip Cristancho https://open.spotify.com/track/1bfwERRsNB2OWacSuTaluV PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER
Aldo Buzzi - U R I Am

Aldo Buzzi – U R I Am

U R I Am, is the new single from Aldo Buzzi's new album 'This is My Life' Aldo Buzzi has been around for some time...
Naudikah - Wake Up (feat. Itsmoosey)

Naudikah – Wake Up (feat. Itsmoosey)

Texas artist, Naudikah links up with fellow Texas artist Itsmoosey for the recording of “Wake Up” https://open.spotify.com/track/7FWqtcvDt12WSbktbA9Ima?si=tn4ZfjgvTj2f5I5tYOWfpA   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
StarChild Yeezo - Bangbros

StarChild Yeezo – Bangbros

Check out the latest single, 'Bangbros' by StarChild Yeezo StarChild Yeezo, recently wrote No Judgement for Chris Brown. Featured on FarEast's New single. https://open.spotify.com/track/1A2Al35GCMDnJDPMlH0m2r?si=depEt9UTQIun1z8JNdwiTg   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...
Mark Winters - Strong

Mark Winters – Strong

Mark Winters presenting new single, “Strong.” Mark Winters is a versatile singer and songwriter with a knack for energetic rock hooks and earnest lyrics. His...

Somthin Surrious – Leg Locking

Somthin Surrious releases new single, 'Leg Locking' Florida artist making hits to capture any age audience. I make feel good music people can relate to...
Ynh Gwapp x Ynh Rahlo - 95 side (prod by kingdrumdummie)

Ynh Gwapp x Ynh Rahlo – 95 side (prod by kingdrumdummie)

Ynh gwapp x ynh Rahlo drops “95 side” a song dedicated to the neighborhood they are from and the friends that are incarcerated. FOLLOW ON:...
Peezy P - Secrets

Peezy P – Secrets

Peezy P presenting his single, 'Secrets' taken off his Back From Hell Vol 2 mixtape Up and Coming Rap Artist From Miami FL. New Music...
SweetTee - Better

SweetTee – Better

SweetTee drops a new single titled, 'Better' Beach Beat Samurai 😈As a strong-willed bull, I too sometimes tend to disrupt the china shop. ♉ #YBYSAIA...
Chuck Uzi - Phoenix

Chuck Uzi – Phoenix

Chuck Uzi is back releasing his 14 track album, 'Phoenix' If You've Been Facing Adversity Overcoming battles and struggles, this album will feel like your...

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