ArtistRack Reviews Brendan McMahon’s single ‘Mother’ (Universalist)

ArtistRack Reviews Brendan McMahon's single 'Mother' (Universalist)

ArtistRack Reviews Brendan McMahon’s single ‘Mother’ taken from his EP ‘Universalist’

The vocals on BrendanJ’s single ‘Mother’ contain magnificent hi-end frequencies that resonate mystical qualities through the reverberation that shines on top of the entire composition in a pristine fashion.

The tail end of the tone falls in line with the vision of the single itself and wisps into the innate inventiveness of unlimited creative possibilities. The piano portions of the track grow in attitude as the song matures into its finalized formality of music establishing a sense of musical solidarity in the mix. This steady evolution automates an elaborate crescendo of music for the listening audience that was both forthright and direct.

The juxtaposed duet is performed with distinction as the harmonies mesh in a cohesive manner through an entwined essence of eloquence. They move in an intrinsic flagellated motion through one another in terms of prowess and liveliness. Likewise, these choral vocals serve as a primary instrumental to the inclusive mix domineering and harnessing the track infrastructure through its camaraderie.

Brendanj does not overextend any boundaries into unfamiliar territories utilizing a simplistic piano in an innovative manner to come up with something that is both unique and novel. The omission of percussive components further proves this analogy as the raw talent transcends any traditional means of recording approaches. Listen to Mother by BrendanJ for an extremely powerful composition that will satisfy genuine music enthusiasts yearning for top-notch musical expertise.

You can listen to ‘Mother’ by Brendan McMahon here: