Young Pac – Poor & Happy (Review)

Young Pac - Poor & Happy (Review)

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They say that money is not everything, and while hip-hop is often associated with glamorizing wealth and showing off all the latest bling, Young Pac is a rapper with a somewhat different message and a unique way to express himself. His most recent release, “Poor & Happy” is a witty outlook on the true nature of happiness, and what it really means to be satisfied with your life.

Throughout the span of 8 excellent songs, Young Pac combines outstanding and insightful lyrics with world-class production values and an amazing tone. His voice is distinctive and direct, while his lyrical style is absolutely extraordinary, often compared to the work of icons in the genre, including Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Wu Tang Clan or J Cole, only to mention a few.

Find out more about Young Pac and listen to his new release, “Poor & Happy”, which will certainly introduce you to a different side of modern hip-hop.

You can listen to ‘Poor & Happy’ by Young Pac here:


Having roots in Guinea Bissau, located on the west side of Africa. A local born in the city of Bissau in district named Cintra. Young Pac will have you believing in the grassroots uprising that so silently sat untapped in Hip Hop for years after Tupac died. He will not disappoint with his music and represents Africa with his authentic lyrics that integrate western Hip Hop with eastern African Hip Hop. The fact that he has strong roots in Africa shows in his lyrical expression of himself. Not only does Young Pac create music in English he is working on two EP albums one in Portuguese, and one in Cirta which is a local language that was birthed during the Punic wars in Africa in 264-146 BC.

Young Pac is currently working solo on his music and hopes to invigorate an ever so stagnant Hip Hop scene which he believes will slowly rot while completely losing all the real aspects it has. Truly losing Hip Hops first true purpose which was to change socio-political problems in the world. Keep updated on this up and coming artist and get his new album when it comes out, support Africa in a better way than some corrupted government charity. Bring back money and the disappearing culture to Africa by supporting someone who will bring so much back to his community. Young Pac is his name and once you hear his music you won’t ever forget it. Young Pac is currently releasing his debut album in 2018 through The Toxic Record Shop called “African Eclipse”.