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Resilience in Rhymes: Philly Black’s “Not The One” Delivers a Powerful Message (Review)

The streets of Philadelphia have birthed another voice, and this time, it's one with a mission beyond just music. The latest single from Philly...

Epics – Westside Heartbreak 2 (Review)

Epics Strikes Gold Again with 'Westside Heartbreak 2': A Masterpiece of Modern Hip Hop Epics, the seasoned wordsmith and lyrical maestro, has once again graced...

Interview with ‘Silk AFNF’

ArtistRack is thrilled to connect with the dynamic Hip Hop sensation 'Silk AFNF' for an exclusive interview, offering a glimpse into his most recent...
Hotboi Ty - Cold Feet (Review)

Hotboi Ty – Cold Feet (Review)

Hip hop artist Hotboi Ty has recently released a new song titled "Cold Feet" from his 16-song album "From The Heart" in March 2023....
Just MILL - Ain’t Bout Nutin (Review)

Just MILL – Ain’t Bout Nutin (Review)

ArtistRack Review of ‘Ain’t Bout Nutin’ by the Christian rapper Just MILL with lyrics from the Holy Spirit. First and foremost, the beat of the...
J. Irja - Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja – Bounce Back Ft Benny the Butcher (Review)

J. Irja presents: "Bounce Back" (Featuring Benny the Butcher) Feb 2023 - J. Irja is back on the scene with a brand new studio work:...
Wunda - The Last LAAF (Review)

Wunda – The Last LAAF (Review)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ls2lXhvICeI&list=OLAK5uy_m39lOZVSSy_md11eFNySRVqBuFHYXvEjI Wunda has recently released a brand new studio work: "The Last LAAF" January 2023 - Wunda has recently released his new work named "The...

Bugzee Lix – Manifest Destiny (Review)

Bugzee Lix has released a new album: Manifest Destiny December 2022 - Bugzee Lix is an artist with a focus on creating diverse and engaging...

Kyd Knarly – Ben 10 (Review)

Kyd Knarly is back with a new release: Ben 10 November 2022: Kyd Knarly is an artist from Canton, Ohio. He sets the bar higher...

Dibbz – HBK (Heart.Break.Kid)

ArtistRack brings to you 'HBK (Heart.Break.Kid)' by Dibbz Dibbz is a Florida artist who was born and raised in Georgia. He has spent the later...

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