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Jack Rootes - Drifting (Review)

Jack Rootes – Drifting (Review)

Jack Rootes present: Drifting. October 2021 - Rap artist and songwriter Jack Rootes is not afraid to work hard and set his goals so...

Styyle – Stevie Wonder [The Devil’s Problem] (Review)

Styyle has recently released a brand new single: Stevie Wonder which is available on the album The Devil's Problem. September 2021 - Styyle is...
Da New Era Damyon - Middle Child Freestyle (Review)

Da New Era Damyon – Middle Child Freestyle (Review)

Da New Era Damyon presents: Middle Child Freestyle September 2021 - Da New Era Damyon is a true representation of a new era of...
B.A. - Two Sided

B.A. – Two Sided (Review)

B.A. introducing a brand new release: Two Sided August 2021 - B.A. is a recording artist with a focus on creating uniquely driven rap...
Jack Rootes - Life Without Boundaries (Review)

Jack Rootes – Life Without Boundaries (Review)

Jack Rootes just unleashed a fantastic new album: Life Without Boundaries July 2021 - Jack Rootes recently dropped Life Without Boundaries, his brand new...
A.G.K. - Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Review)

A.G.K. – Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Review)

A.G.K. is back with the visuals for his new release: Ain’t Nothing Wrong. A.G.K. is an artist and songwriter who developed a truly unique...
Burniscous - No 2 (Review)

Burniscous – No 2 (Review)

Burniscous is back with a new release: No 2 May 2021 - Artist and songwriter Burniscous has already showed the world that he can accomplish...
Jack Rootes - Let Go (Review)

Jack Rootes – Let Go (Review)

Jack Rootes presents: Let Go May 2021 - Jack Rootes is an artist who sets the bar higher by combining modern rap aesthetics with...
Wunda - Balltember Bronson 2

Wunda – Balltember Bronson 2 (Review)

Wunda is back on the scene with a new album: Balltember Bronson 2 March 2021 - Artist and songwriter Wunda has recently dropped an...
Amusin' Projects - Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2 (Review)

Amusin’ Projects – Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2 (Review)

Amusin' Projects presents Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2 Amusin' Projects has just dropped a stellar new release, “Mistery in the Making, Vol. 2”.  In this...

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