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Interview with BMR

ArtistRack catches up with BMR for this exclusive interview: Where are you from? Im from Brooklyn New York but I moved to the bronx and I...

Swavy Eli – Slums

Swavy Eli continues to show his determination to make it in the music industry by releasing his 3rd track “Slums”. As a teen from the...

BLK Teeze – Diamond in the Rough

ArtistRack brings to you 'Diamond in the Rough' by the talented BLK Teeze: Independent artist BLK Teeze is not ordinary. He writes, records, and engineers...

C-BZ – Big Bank

ArtistRack brings to you 'Big Bank' which is the first single from C-BZ's upcoming album Booth Muzic definitely a club banger https://open.spotify.com/track/5qmFIzArJggw9cWHxjPQeS?si=CwiAihiZS1OQkt-N5APPIA   FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE |

Ray Lej3nd – Satisfied

Ray Lej3nd: Back on the scene with a stunning new release, Satisfied. Hailing from Detroit, Ray Lej3nd is more than just an artist. He is...

Qro – This is Life

Check out This Is Life, a brand new release by the talented QRO Artist and songwriter QRO (Pronounced “Crow”) is back on the scene with...

BigLu91 – Song of Storms

ArtistRack brings to you 'Song of Storms' by the talented BigLu91: BigLu's observation on society's dexterity towards obstacles. Leaving on happy masks blindly running instead...

Breezy BRG – I Did It

Breezy BRG introducing brand new release, “I Did It.” February 2020 - Breezy BRG is a promising rising talent in the hip-hop scene. Hailing from...

Reptile The Hustler aka RTH – Boss Moves

Reptile The Hustler aka RTH introducing brand new studio single, Boss Moves. February 2020 - Reptile The Hustler aka RTH is a rap artist based...

Jc The Don – HitStick

Jc The Don introducing new single, “HitStick” February 2020 - Jc The Don is a rap artist with an outspoken flow and a willingness to...


Lady Nesha - Neblina

Lady Nesha – Neblina

Lady Nesha releases her new single "Neblina" which shows more of her versatile side while still being a powerful lyricist. She continues to deliver...
T.K.R. - Relentless

T.K.R. – Relentless

T.K.R. presents his new release, 'Relentless' I'm an upcoming rapper from Tampa Florida and I've been writing for about ah year but I've been recording...
Son Yusha - ZERO

Son Yusha – ZERO

Son Yusha drops his new single, 'ZERO' Son Yusha is an independent rapper from Memphis, Tennessee. He’s best known for his Scorpio Son album under...

Kaiwestnoa – Dear God

Dear God by Kaiwestnoa  🔥Best from the west🐐 Kaiwestnoa - Dear God Westside San Jose,ca #Freestyleking #Godsgreat Freestyle to God for my mom🙏 FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
Qui$-III - Motives

Qui$-III – Motives

Qui$-III drops his new single, 'Motives' Qui$-III latest single Motives is out now available on all major platforms 🔥 https://open.spotify.com/track/2SDyGeycweNTkRdYLKZjJI?si=d355bdaf66fc4dc9 FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
Jamie Payet - Telephone

Jamie Payet – Telephone

Jamie Payet PRESENTS his new release titled, 'Telephone' Jamie Payet is a singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia. https://open.spotify.com/track/7A0wEW3kDYhI0JXsR5dUut?si=c387f5d1162746cf  
donSMITH - Still DON

donSMITH – Still DON

donSMITH returns with new single "Still DON". Produced by RanVanDam, the single is now on all streaming platforms. https://open.spotify.com/track/07Dsa4XFO1iCpi5IUXzvMm?si=sPtauRa2QSiWLK9gN9N29Q&context=spotify%3Aalbum%3A5sq2FgZHvLwaVRzH7WGd4p FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE | WEBSITE
TJ - Blight Street

TJ – Blight Street

TJ drops his new release, 'Blight Street' blight street - out everywhere https://open.spotify.com/album/5lTkD2cEIB5GCXyxUhIflB?si=lxAuS_BRTVKh6zrGERoO-Q PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Raquel Aurilia - Everything I Wanted

Raquel Aurilia – Everything I Wanted

Raquel Aurilia presents her new single, 'Everything I Wanted' Raquel Aurilia is a fiery singer-songwriter from Phoenix, AZ. Model, actress and touring artist, her career...
Little Muddy - Night Highway

Little Muddy – Night Highway

Little Muddy presents new single, 'Night Highway' What inspired night highway? Probably all of the nighttime drives i’ve taken over the years just subconsciously led to the...
Introducing 'Orayvua'

Introducing ‘Orayvia’

Introducing 'Orayvia' With over 35,000 monthly listeners, Raised in Brooklyn NY, Orayvia Godoy crafted her sound by listening to a deep catalog of Early 90's...
The Soul Exchange - Condemned

The Soul Exchange – Condemned

"Condemned" is the 3rd single off the upcoming concept album "Memories or Illusions" by The Soul Exchange". Album release date, December 10th, 2021. The Soul...

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