TRAPERS – Let Us Be (Review)


Check out this music review of the new single titled ‘Let Us Be’ released by TRAPERS

TRAPERS is a Melbourne-based music project with a special approach to pop music. This Australian act recently revealed a new released titled “Let Us Be.” The warm and inviting colors that are depicted on the album cover really match the tone and spirit of the music, which is an uplifting, catchy and melodic blend of pop songwriting.

The song begins with a beautiful isolated R&B vocal hook, with a really amazing feel – it almost makes me think of amazing old-time singers like Harry Belafonte, but with a more modern and more unique feel, which also brings to mind performers like The Weeknd, John Mayer, and many others. After the superbly executed vocal introduction, the sound launches into a melodic frenzy, with beautiful swirling synths and understated beat patterns that really highlight the vocals in a gentle and natural way. The combination of soaring melodies, simple, yet effective rhythms and heartfelt vocals is an absolute winner on this particular release.
This is the kind of song that will immediately give your day a very positive outlook, bringing a huge smile on your face as you listen and bob your head along!

You can listen to ‘Let Us Be’  by TRAPERS here