TRAPERS – Invisible Ink (Review)

Check out the music review of the new single by TRAPERS titled, ‘Invisible Ink’

TRAPERS is a music project with a broad creative scope. Recently, he released a new single titled “Invisible Ink.”

One of the most outstanding elements of this composition is undoubtedly the artist’s amazing vocal style. TRAPERS sings with so much passion and emotion, and it is impossible not to feel very connected to the meaning of the song, and to the artist’s heartfelt delivery. We really love the cinematic sound of the melody, which somewhat makes me think of artists as diverse as Adele, Son Lux, Active Child, as well as Billie Eilish, just to mention a few. Perhaps, TRAPERS doesn’t exactly sound like any of these artists mentioned, but we feel that he actually embodies that very same spirit of artistic freedom and innovation, which is becoming a rare thing to find in artists these days!

Ultimately, if you enjoy memorable melodies and stunning lyrics with a personal twist, you definitely should check out “Invisible Ink” as well as other releases from TRAPERS.

We really love how this song unfolds gently, and it reaches a climax in terms of passion and energy.Check out “Invisible Ink” and learn more about TRAPERS: