The Twindows – Valkyrie 2.0 (Review)

The Twindows - Valkyrie 2.0 (Review)

The Twindows are an alternative rock band with a fondness with edgy melodies, in-your-face lyricism and gritty production aesthetics.

Their recent release is a full-length album titled ‘Valkyrie 2.0’, which showcases the band’s fondness for searing guitar riffs, pounding rhythm sections and expressive vocal performances. Opening number “Like My Music”, echoes the work of seminal punk bands, such as Dead Kennedys, Sleater/Kinney or Descendents, dictating the abrasive, yet melodic sonic coordinates of this release.

The album features 11 songs that are particularly impressive, due to their stripped-down approach and hands-on attitude. The Twindows know how to borrow some tricks from the rock’n’roll book and merge various influences into something truly special. From the riffs of “Instigator”, tipping the hat to Black Sabbath, to the atmospheric rock ballad vibes of “Dig Tree”, there is really a lot of variety on the album.

There’s plenty of excellent songs here, but “Pulp” is perhaps our favorite of the lot. There is definitely a structure to this track, but I love the free-form element of the arrangement, which allows the band members to stretch out and play off of each other’s dynamics.