The Lost Millions – Novellas Dantes (Review)

The Lost Millions - Novellas Dantes (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album, ‘Novellas Dantes’ released by The Lost Millions

Every once in a while, you come across an artist that’s unlike any other out there. Somewhere between post-punk and and laid back textures, The Lost Millions is a group that will challenge your expectations at every twist and turn. Their sound blurs the lines between gritty aesthetics and memorable melodies, using different genres to enrich their sonic vocabulary and bring their vision to life. The band’s most recent release, “Novellas Dantes,” strikes for its angular guitar riffs and catchy melodic ideas.

The opening track, “See The Light” kicks off with some unforgettable guitar riffs, almost as if Jimi Hendrix had the chance to jam out with Queens Of The Stone Age. “My Street” follows suit with a 90s-inspired alternative rock, tipping the hat off to iconic bands like Pearl Jam or Nirvana, just to mention a few. The mid-tempo groove of the drums and the intricate, yet raw guitar arrangements are a genuinely great match with the vocals, which almost bring a Neil Young-like intensity to the mix. “Wisdom of the Mad Priest” is the highlight of the EP, in my opinion. The introductory guitar riff is dark, menacing, and desolate, yet quite melodic and memorable, setting the mood for the track to unfold. I love the pounding texture of the beat, which is quite hypnotic, almost in the way “The Stooges” I wanna be your dog brought something new to the music scene, with its rock intensity and looming psychedelic textures. Even the vocals here tip the hat off to old-school Iggy! “Mad at the Sun” falls somewhere along the same line. Still, it brings a lot more vivacity and melodies to the table, allowing the guitars to branch out in terms of sounds, almost reminding me of experimental acts like Sonic Youth. Last, but not least, “Complicated” is a beautifully dark and haunting track, with some slow-paced drums and dissonant guitars, as the driving bass holds the rhythm together.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic EP, that holds an extraordinary production value, showcasing the band’s organic and intense performances.