Taylar Paige – The Daydream (Review)

Taylar Paige - Transient

Check out this music review of the new album, ‘ The Daydream’ released by Taylar Paige

Taylar Paige has just released her brand new 5-song EP “The Daydream”. This alternative record from the Aussie artist is atmospheric, moody, and packs a punch with powerful vocals!

“Murder” is the first track and it immediately hooks the listener into the record. Taylar’s raw vocal arrangement alongside the epic instrumental backing is simply stunning. “Murder” is a dark, introspective, and passionate number. It immediately expresses the essence of Taylar and her artistic approach. Her down-to-earth style is reminiscent of strong female artists such as Evanescence, Christine Aguilera, Paramore, and Billie Eilish, to mention but a few.

One of the standout songs on the album is “Mourning”. This is a somber and poignant offering from the artist. Taylar’s performance in “Mourning” is breathtaking. She seamlessly expresses dark and sentimental lyrics with spine-chilling authenticity. In this track, the vintage guitar sound recalls the likes of The Cure, which gives a great atmosphere to this contemporary song.

“Lechery” is the perfect end to the album. This electric blend of genres gives life to this beautiful number. The lyrical composition is expressive and moving, and the vocals of Taylar Paige give a whole new depth to the song.

Listen to “The Daydream” and find out more about Taylar!