Talia Perez – West Coast (Review)

Talia Perez - West Coast (Review)

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The magic happens when pop meets EDM

Talia Perez is a singer and artist with a fascinating charisma and a very direct pop appeal. Her most recent release is a single titled “West Coast”, and it is definitely going to impress listeners with its fresh melodies and astonishing production value.

The song immediately stands out for its energy. Right from the very start of the track, it is quite clear that this is a straight-up EDM banger in terms of background music. The beat is punchy and powerful, and the synth lead lines really cut right through the mix. In addition to that, Talia immediately reveals her stunning ability to create memorable vocal hooks. Her verses make us think of artists such as Rihanna or Beyonce, going for a diverse and forward-thinking feel, while still retaining a very appealing tone. The lyrics are very personal and emotional, adding a whole new layer to the song, with stark songwriting appointments that really make the song more unique.

This groundbreaking pop/dance track is certainly poised to become a clubbing favorite, but there is more to it than just a cool beat. This song represent the perfect balance between EDM and catchy pop songwriting, bringing the best of both words together in a very special way.

If you enjoy big melodies, massive energy and fresh hooks, you will certainly enjoy “West Coast.” Do not miss out on Talia Perez’s work.

You can listen to ‘West Coast’ by Talia Perez here