Steven Bryan – Dolled Up (Review)

Steven Bryan - Dolled Up (Review)

Steve Bryan’s songwriting faculties have hit top-tier levels on his newest single ‘Dolled Up’ meshing the metaphysical world of atmospheric character in conjoinment with the subtle acoustical pastures. This is a sensational pop song where the harmonies hit every octave with a lucid quality reigning superior over the track’s intention.

The delicate interplay creates an introspective visionary conquest primarily focusing on timeless recordings with top-notch scenic excursions. The panning positions widen the mix putting every aspect of the music together like an enigma. There is an element of traditional nostalgia that hits home for true fans and “Dolled Up” satisfies that inherent need to project to that niche.

Bryan’s voice contains a touch of soul with a mellowness to compliment the energetic portions of the music within the album’s framework. The delayed drum cadences on “Dolled Up” trots in a syncopated tempo that acts as a chanting ballad building in liveliness throughout the length of the track. The entirety of the composition was drenched in a reverberated woven ambiance that was true to its natural melodies and relative soundscapes.

This single will shift the lexicon of modern musicianship severing itself from the opposition towards a whimsical piece of art extending towards the unpreventable fate of music’s optimistic future.




Steven Bryan effortlessly effuses Italian charm in his smooth acoustic pop songs with influences ranging from Bob Dylan to Thom Yorke.

Blessed with a soulful voice that alternates between smooth and rough tones, Steven fell in love with music at a very young age.

Born Francesco Dell’Orco in Milan, Italy, he grew up listening to a range of folk, rock and roll, soul, and his father’s classical music collection.

Landing in the UK in 2006, he played the acoustic London circuit garnering a love for all things British.

It was during an exhaustive 30-date tour of the East coast of America in 2010 that the songs for the debut album One Way (Deluxe Edition 2013) came into being.

Steven’s debut album was described by the press as “an entertaining guide to some of the finer points of the musical anatomy, with vocals that have all the low-key passion of James Morrison and Paulo Nutini, the whimsical, yet intense, emotion of David Gray with a soulful, continental twist”.

His debut single Puppets On TV, released by Right Track Records/Universal on 26th September 2011, has been featured on BBC Radio 2, BBC London 94.9, Radio Caroline and Cool FM 97.4 in the UK and in well over 50 radio stations around the world.

On June 23, 2017, the much-anticipated album Gravity Always Wins has been released worldwide.

Sing To Me and Dolled Up are the first two singles off the new album.