SoullessProphet – The Celebration (Review)

SoullessProphet - The Celebration (Review)

Check out this music review of the new album, “Monster Celebration, Vol.1” released by SoullessProphet

SoullessProphet is an artist with a focus on creating powerful and unapologetic alternative rock music. The best tracks in this genre are actually more balanced and nuanced than you might originally think. On one hand, they are quite melodic and memorable, with some strong lyrics. On the other, they are aggressive and punchy, with a truly gritty feel. This is definitely the concept behind SoullessProphet as well, making for a really special formula. In fact, his sound is big and cinematic, giving the audience a stunning experience. His music recaptures that iconic vibe of early 2000s alternative music, with huge guitars and even bigger melodies! The here has become somewhat a lost art lately, so it is always amazing to see new artists tracing the steps of this timeless sound and iconic feel.

In particular, the project’s most recent release, “Monster Celebration, Vol.1” stands out as a perfect example of what you can expect. The sound of this album tips the hat off to industrial rock music (Think Nine Inch Nail, Tool, Slipknot, Thot…) but it also reminds of artists as diverse as Korn, Linkin Park, and Killswitch Engage, among others. “Monster Celebration, Vol.1” features 8 studio tracks, each blurring the lines between different ideas and sonic elements. From edgy electronic textures, to massive walls of guitars and ghostly vocal sounds, anything goes when it comes to creating some unique sonic landscapes. The production is designed to give people a fully immersive vibe, with so much focus and depth!

SoullessProphet’s songs on the album is masterfully produced, and their performances have a stunning sense of dynamics and punch, with a cyber-punk aesthetic and a larger-than-life atmosphere.

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