Scott Elk – Turn Around (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single: Turn Around released by Scott Elk

Scott Elk is a singer and artist with a passion for catchy and vibrant pop music. He recently teamed up with songwriters Abe Heaney and Lori Drohan in order to create a brand new single titled Turn Around. The song was also produced by Kyle Ward, who skillfully helped the track come to life with some brilliant production ideas and aesthetics. The song kicks off with a very minimalistic introduction, with only an acoustic guitar and vocals. Some sparse background vocals chime in every now and then, adding some accents to the music.

The guitar and vocal performance is very natural and it has a nice live feel. Some additional guitars kick in soon after, adding some stunning leads that gives a distinctive color to the sound. This release is highly recommended if you enjoy the sound and feel of artists such as John Mayer, as well as City and Colour, Ed Sheeran and Secondhand Serenade, among others!

Find out more about Scott Elk, and listen to “Turn Around,” which is now available on Spotify, as well as other music streaming platforms on the Internet.