Reina Mora – Trouble (Review)

Reina Mora - Trouble (Review)

The L.A. based songstress Reina Mora has officially dug her heels into the recording platform with her latest single ‘Trouble’. The coastline whirled guitar strums move in a wavelike motion in congruency with the subtle arrangements in its structural formality. The unconventional singing style is another fascinating aspect of Mora’s talents that reinforces the untapped potential this resounding artist possesses within the competitive industry collective.

The guitar helpings metamorphize into a commanding and undeniably intact distorted sound that launches the vocals into the epitomes of musical harmony. This composition is predicated in its touching lyrics imposing its inherent powerful message within the subconscious emotions.

‘Trouble’ is a beautifully delivered magnum opus of epic magnitude naturally permeating through the echo chamber of intrinsic soundwaves. The base slides protrude to the front of the mix interlocked with the primary lyrical delivery fortifying a tonality embedded with low end warmth. The jazzy brass sections during the solo section were a extraordinary nuance as it conveyed a dynamic range of musical innovation within the confines of a mainstream rock song.

I am eager to see the critical reception of ‘Trouble’ as it openly rivals some of the top uncontested artists being pushed out into the public musical sphere today.


You can listen to ‘Trouble’ by Reina Mora here