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‘SoullessProphet’ the rapper from Hesperia

SoullessProphet brings a fresh approach to blending rock with hip-hop SoullessProphet is an artist based in Hesperia, California. He certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill rapper. His...

CMDess – Funky Christmas

CMDess proudly presents his festive single, 'Funky Christmas' CMDess is a 22 year+ veteran of music creation. Born in 1982, CM has worked with live...

Kai Fitz – Thang on Me

Check out the new single titled 'Thang on Me' by Kai Fitz  From North Carolina but I was raised in California just trying to create my own style and push good music to like minded people. 25 years old and I'm Cuban mixed with West Indian.

Mugzy – InfiNiTy

Mugzy releases his latest single titled 'InfiNiTy' check it out  My name is Mugzy ! I’m from Oakland, California! Been out doing music for a...

A.F. Cueva – Scarred

ArtistRack brings to you 'Scarred' by A.F. Cueva - The first song released by Northern California rapper, A.F. Cueva. With a trap style of...

SHOTTAH8 – heart and soul

ArtistRack brings to you 'SHOTTAH8 - heart and soul' I'm Shottah8 from Los Angeles California tryna put on!!!   FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK

KWillDaKid – What’s It Like

KWillDaKid dropping new track, “What’s It Like” KWillDaKid might come from a small town in California, but his music doesn’t feel small at all. On...

Sean Darin feat. Kállay Saunders – California

Check out the official Music Video for new single titled 'California' from Sean Darin feat. Kállay Saunders  Sean Darin is an Eastern European producer with...

KWillDaKid – What’s It Like

Check out the new single 'What’s It Like' from KWillDaKid  KWillDaKid is a small town rapper from California. Catch his upcoming mixtape called Young Vibey...

Brandin Reed – Broken Hallelujah

Check out the new single from Brandin Reed titled 'Broken Hallelujah' Brandin Reed is back with a fresh new single! In collaboration with Grammy award...


Dre Dupre - Middle Child Freestylevideo

Dre Dupre – Middle Child Freestyle

Dre Dupre presenting the visuals for, 'Middle Child Freestyle' Dre Dupre releases a visual inspired by the 1970's sitcom, "The Brady Bunch", for his "Middle...


SΣNTIΣNT  ΣNTITY proudly presenting his single, 'Perpetuate' Navigating listeners through unorthodox domains of experience with music. Roots that span from the arctic mid-Atlantic island of...
Rio Azul - Foolishvideo

Rio Azul – Foolish

Rio Azul, a Bronx artist, has just released a song from his EP. The single: Foolish makes you want to dance with its rhythmically...
Sheron - Benghazi 2.0video

Sheron – Benghazi 2.0

Sheron releases the visuals for his new single, 'Benghazi 2.0' The problem is not the “things”, your Gucci’s, your Louis’s, Balenciaga’s, status, position of power...
Calaveras - Everydayvideo

Calaveras – Everyday

Calaveras presenting the Official Music Video for, 'Everyday' Calaveras is an American Hard Rock Duo formed in Tokyo by Japan based veteran rockers Doug Wilson...
Patiotic Feat Sophia Garvey - Doesn’t Matter

Patiotic Feat Sophia Garvey – Doesn’t Matter

Patiotic announces his new single, 'Doesn’t Matter' Feat Sophia Garvey In this new song, Patiotic produced the last single of Sophia Garvey - "Doesn't Matter"...

Dee Cartel – Sad Story

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Sad Story' released by Dee Cartel Deep story created and produced by me FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
HeavyTimba - Popurtimo

HeavyTimba – Popurtimo

Peru based HeavyTimba presenting exciting new single, 'Popurtimo' What's new in Cuban popular music FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Interview with hak7m faraji.

Interview with hak7m faraji.

hak7m faraji. is an Atlanta born and raised artist with heavy influences from Punk and Memphis Rap. hak7m is an eclectic artist, melding his...
Amusin' Projects - Mistery in the Making, Vol. 1 - EP (Review)

Amusin’ Projects – Mistery in the Making, Vol. 1 – EP (Review)

Check out this music review of the new EP, 'Mystery in the Making, Vol.1' released by Amusin’ Projects Amusin’ Projects is all about tackling the...
Classern Quartet - Just Bangers

Classern Quartet – Just Bangers

Classern Quartet proudly presenting new release, 'Just Bangers' Classern Quartet provides a unique musical experience unlike any other string quartet. Classern provides the listener with...
YoungFresh - Money n Drugsvideo

YoungFresh – Money n Drugs

Check out the Official Music Video for, 'Money n Drugs' by YoungFresh Yoo This YoungFresh Born In Chicago IL Westside .Age 22 .Born 1996 November...

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