Plastic Culture – Power of Love (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Introducing Power of Love,’ a brand new single by Plastic Culture.

February 2020 – Plastic Culture is a rock band with a very forward-thinking creative style and an energetic attitude. The track kicks off with a very edgy staccato guitar line, as well as an understated drum introduction.

The lead vocals are incredibly powerful, with a sultry, yet fired-up attitude, soaring on top of the mix. It is no easy task to rule over a big rock production, but this singer does a great job at sounding present, full, and direct, perfectly in line with the high-energy level that the band is able to bring to the table.

Fans of artists like Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, as well as Paramore, are definitely going to connect with the spirit of this release, which feels timeless and well-executed. This a perfect example of a song that highlights the synergy between the band members through a cohesive production that works in favor of the song’s flow.

Check out Plastic Culture and listen to “Power of Love.” This new track is currently available on Spotify as well as other music streaming platforms on the Internet.


Plastic Culture is a dynamic duo based out of Orange County, California.
formed in 2012, founding member/ lead vocalist Kaitlin T. and lead guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist Eddie G. have made it their mission to bring back the heart and soul into rock n’ roll. With their unique method of blending rock, psychedelic, reggae, and funk Plastic Culture will surely reach a wide variety of audiences.

In early 2017, Plastic Culture worked on a special demo with a start up label in Los Angeles, California. Fast forward to 2019, Plastic Culture has professionally re-recorded their self tilted EP that was engineered by multi-platinum record producer Frank Gryner.

Plastic Culture now has a international distribution/marketing deal with The AMG Corp and Sony Music.

Plastic Culture’s main focus was to perfect those special set of tunes by any means necessary. Countless late nights of practicing, re-writing, and re-working sections were had.

Plastic Culture has and continues to work endlessly to produce the most authentic sound. With their diverse taste, influences, and love of multiple genres of music.