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LeeMann Bassey - Honey (R & B Mix) (Review)

LeeMann Bassey – Honey (R & B Mix) (Review)

Check out this Review of new single from LeeMann Bassey titled 'Honey' (R&B Mix) LeeMann Bassey recently came out with a powerful new release titled...
Lee Clark Allen - Religion (Review)

Lee Clark Allen – Religion (Review)

Check out this Review of 'Religion' by Lee Clark Allen R&B singer Lee Clark Allen certainly knows a thing or two about crafting amazing melodies,...
Jaycent D Brock - Radiant Love (Review)

Jaycent D Brock – Radiant Love (Review)

Check out ArtistRack's Review of 'Radiant Love' by Jaycent D Brock  “Radiant Love” is a new studio release from musician and performer Jaycent D Brock....
Lee Clark Allen - I Won't Tell Myself A Lie (Review)

Lee Clark Allen – I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie (Review)

Lee Clark Allen possesses an impressive stage presence through his elaborate recording execution on his latest single 'I Won’t Tell Myself A Lie'. He sings...
Sonny Dumarsais - Transition (Review)

Sonny Dumarsais – Transition (Review)

Transition is a symbolic testament to the shifting perspective of heartbreak and Sonny Dumarsais encapsulates this notion through his unprecedented sound and unmatched tenure. Dumarsais...
Carlos Morgan - Have A Little Faith (Review)

Carlos Morgan – Have A Little Faith (Review)

Carlos Morgan’s latest single 'Have A Little Faith' places hop in the inspiring story of a talented independent artist making significant head way and...
SynClaiR - Time 2 Relax (review)

SynClaiR – Time 2 Relax (review)

SynClaiR’s pivotal album 'Time 2 Relax' is a smooth contemporary RnB album that has vehemently flipped the genre upside down with monumental music transmuted...

AraBee – The Ghetto Wallflower (review)

Arabee’s latest album 'Ghetto Wallflower' has curated an intrinsic full-fledged collision of rap inspired rhymes mixed with the smoothness of modern R&B appeal. The...

ArtistRack reviews ‘Come Back Home’ by Antonial Barnes

ArtistRack reviews Come Back Home by Antonial Barnes: Antonial Barnes wears multiple hats in his musical empire sifting effortlessly from the low-end bass lines all the way throughout the collective instrumental spectrum of design. The slow tempo organ pieces give the composition a widened sound for the piano chords to work with touching down the center of the stereo image. The magnificent vocals shine as an enlightened dimension with a vigorous presence domineering the entire single to its incessant apparition.

ArtistRack Reviews Tommy Francisco’s single Silence

ArtistRack Reviews Tommy Francisco's single Silence: The down tempo boldness of this track is configured with precision and truly demonstrates Francisco’s unique ability to consolidate...

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