Our Harbour – Rupture (Review)

Check out this review of the new single, ‘Rupture’ released by Our Harbour

A combination of modern metal, hard-rock and alternative music with an edgy twist.

Our Harbour is all about high-energy rock and roll music. The band recently released a new project titled “Rupture.”

The song is featured on the band’s recent studio EP, “Through These Eyes,” which features 4 songs, including this single.

“Rupture” combines metal, hardcore and modern rock, with a sound that tips the hat off to bands like Stone Sour, Mastodon, Circa Survive and Halestorm, only to mention a few. “Rupture” kicks off with a relentless rhythm section, topped by a larger-than-life guitar riff. The downturning is absolutely excellent, and one of the most powerful aspects of this release is the solid, thick and textural production. The vocals sit seamlessly on top of the mix. The singer has a good dynamic range, and the vocal style covers a lot of ground. At times melodic and details, at times raw and energetic, the singing brings a lot of variety to the mix, and it matches the varying intensity of the sections of this song.

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An alternative rock band formed in 2016 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK. With the the latest release of the Our Harbour EP ‘ Through These Eyes’. If you’re a fan of heavy and alternative rock bands such as Breaking Benjamin, Red and Starset. You are in for a treat with this latest EP, from a band that wants to put their mark on the map. A hard hitting set of vocals, with raw screams to accomplish a headbanging EP. The music style is potent and its good. Addictive choruses along with rocking breakdowns, this band has the potential to go places. With their first gig this year in December 2018. It would be an opportunity sorely missed. So, if you are longing to listen to some good rock music that is going to get you bouncing. Look no further, give these guys a listen. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.