Maro DeLo – Shades of Blues (Review)

Maro DeLo - Shades of Blues (Review)

Check out this music review of, ‘Shades of Blues’ released by Maro DeLo

Maro DeLo is back on the scene with his pure, unadulterated blend of rock and alternative. The artist has a unique ability to perform unique arrangements and timeless melodies, which tips the hat off to artists like The Beatles, Oasis or The Kooks, only to mention a few.

What’s really striking about this new release is definitely the fact that Maro arguably went above and beyond to make sure that every single aspect of the project was tailored to perfection. As a result, “Shades of Blues” is a forward, punchy and catchy track that jumps out of the speakers, with a massive attitude and a unique vibe.

Maro’s charismatic attitude is nothing short of impeccable and he knows how to reach out to the audience with his seamless creativity and witty song writing. Any true rock fan will absolutely connect with the magnetic, electrifying nature of this release.

Find out more about Maro, and don’t miss out on “Shades of Blues” and other astonishing releases from this talented artist.


Maro got is first guitar when he was 4 years old and started taking formal lessons when he was 6. At 10, he helped form a 5 piece pop rock cover band, Smokehouse and they began performing at private gigs and festivals. He also took an interest in bass, drums, lap steel, ukelele and mandolin. Maro eventually committed to guitar as his instrument of choice. His long-time interest in rock music fuelled his white-hot passion for song writing and composing. When he started collaborating with his highly-credentialed producers; Jimi K Bones, Nefertiti Jones and Brian Mcgee; his sound began to formulate into what can be described as modern-day pop rock with a ’Shades of Blues’ influence.

Maro is passionate about writing lyrics that are that are relatable and authentic. The honesty and compassion he expresses in his storytelling has been widely recognized. He recently dropped his EP “Shades of Blues” and is currently in the recording studio finishing up the full LP. Maro hosted his EP Release Launch Party at The Bitter End in NYC, was a featured artist at a Spotlight gig at The Puck in Doylestown, PA and his song “Still Here” was nominated for best lyrics December 2018 by MySongBro.

Warm Sound, inviting lyrics that take you on a journey you can ride throughout the whole song
-Mood Industries

Excellent instrumentation, all of his songs are soundtrack quality with lots of flow and poetry
-Kats Kittens