Manelik – F.L.Y. (Review)

Manelik - F.L.Y.

Check out this music review for the new EP release, ‘F.L.Y.’ by Manelik 

Manelik is back on the scene with a stunning new EP, featuring five amazing new tracks. The title track itself is a song with an instrumental that makes us think of post-grunge and new-wave music, kind of like some of Nirvana’s most mellow stuff, or Nine Inch Nails, only to mention but a few. The lyrics are incredibly personal perfectly matching the textural, yet innovative sound of this production.

The EP goes on with the track, “Be as You Are,” one of the catchiest songs on this EP. The lyrics are positive and affirming, while the music is diverse and infectious, inspired by funk, rock, electro, soul and more. The third song on the EP, “Stars,” is one of our favorites. We love the upbeat rhythm pattern as well as the melodic synth parts that gives the song a nice new wave rock vibe.

The next song, “Twisted Life,” begins with the chirping sound of birds, and it quickly gives way to a dreamy melody and an amazing arrangement that sets the bar higher in terms of energy and innovation. The lyrics are introspective and personal, with some great vocal harmonies and even more interesting sonic aesthetics. Last but not least, Insomnia is a dance-friendly curtain-closer with a distinctive vibe!

A great collection of songs not to be missed, you can listen to them here: