Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers – Psychopaths & Sycophants (Review)

Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers - Psychopaths & Sycophants (Review)

Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers have just released their much-anticipated album Psychopaths & Sycophants.

The first, energetic track on this dynamic and engaging album is titled “The Future.” This song features the trademark raw, expressive, and edgy, vocal style of front man Keith Morris, who adds a distinctive imprint on every track featured on the album with his verve and personality. In this song, the artists seamlessly blur the lines between different genres to create an alternative rock vibe.

The fifth song on the album “Canebrake”, certainly stands out: this is a more somber offering, making for an introspective lyrical flow and a lengthy instrumental introduction that’s absolutely stunning. In particular, this track showcases the bands’ ability to create earnest song arrangements with an organic feel.

The last track of this diverse album is a great tune titled “In My Secret Life.” This is a rich and textural tune that is reminiscent of the work legendary artists such as Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan – as much song as it is poetry!

This latest album from the Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers is a vibrant and lively collection of songs that pay homage to classic folk, while adding a modern rock, pop, and gospel twist.

You can listen to this incredible album by Keith Morris & Crooked Numbers here: