Kate Magdalena – New Earth (Review)

Kate Magdalena - New Earth

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘New Earth’ released by Kate Magdalena

 Kate Magdalena is a singer and songwriter with a unique focus on creating contemporary music, inspired by pop, R&B, and more. Her most recent release is a charming single titled “New Earth.”

One of the most defining factors that make this special release is indeed Kate’s amazing approach to her vocals. New Earth is a stunning song, which feels emotional and personal. However, it also has a very energetic second nature, combining different aesthetics into a purposeful and influential track.

Kate’s lyrics are engaging and emotional, and listeners can easily relate to the content of the track. What’s even more striking is definitely the fact that Kate is able to create such an intimate feel, without necessarily making any compromise when it comes to the depth and impact of her material. “New Earth” is definitely a great introduction to her work, and we can’t wait to hear more from this artist, who is getting ready for a fantastic season, sending off 2019 in style with some killer brand new music. If you like hopeful, dynamic, yet intuitive music, this is the one for you!

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