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David Alexander – Lightfoot

David Alexander presenting the official music video for, 'Lightfoot' David Alexander Lightfoot is an amazing artist, singer and songwriter who has worked behind the scenes...

Jamie Payet – Till It’s Gone

Jamie Payet PRESENTS: Till It's Gone Jamie Payet a singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia, plays modern blues, rock & country. https://open.spotify.com/track/5OvIXMN9Bj8RiwHvbTkcMV?si=19f6affb2d1d45f0 FOLLOW ON:  WEBSITE

Rj Chambers – Your Style

Rj Chambers presenting his new release, 'Your Style' Roshawn Jones Chambers known as Rj Chambers from Costa Rica, Singer-songwriter/Composer/Co-producer, R&B/Pop Hip-hop, EDM, Dancehall, Reggae, Latin...

Connie Rout – Just The Same For Me

Featuring, 'Just The Same For Me' by Connie Rout Hound Dog Molly Productions, LLC is a new indie music songwriter and producer located in Indiana....

Jamie Payet – No More Lies

Check out, 'No More Lies' by Jamie Payet https://open.spotify.com/track/0r9y1VhpzdzkHmcpaEUiyF?si=cd4bebd6ba284bbb FOLLOW ON: WEBSITE

Goldfynch – Opus

Goldfynch presenting their latest track, 'Opus' Opus is just that, a huge work of layered sound that begins in the stillness of the womb and...

The Rain Dogs – After Rothko

The Rain Dogs dropping their new album, 'After Rothko' The latest adventures in ambient minimalism from The Rain Dogs are a series of meditations on...

Jamie Payet – Time

Jamie Payet proudly presents, 'Time' This song is a easy listening contemporary adult ballad with a heavy hitting message. Modern production values with a top...

Rhonda Head – Habanera

Rhonda Head is back on the scene with a new single: Habanera June 2021 - Rhonda Head is the kind of artist whose music is...

Jamie Payet – Time

Jamie Payet a singer songwriter from Melbourne Australia, who plays modern soul-rock. Jamie's new single, "TIME" is Out Now! Time is something we never have enough of....


LADe - Best Life

LADe – Best Life

LADe has recently completed a new release: Best Life October 2021 - Artist and songwriter LADe has just dropped a new single, Best Life. Born...
Hai Tarik - I AM LEGEND

Hai Tarik – I AM LEGEND

Hai Tarik has recently announced a new release: I AM LEGEND October 2021 - I AM LEGEND is a brand new release by Jersey City...
BumpyTheGreat - Righteous Conviction

BumpyTheGreat – Righteous Conviction

BumpyTheGreat is back on the scene with a new album release: Righteous Conviction. October 2021 - BumpyTheGreat (Formerly known as Bumpy Johnson) is a rapper...
Vntge and Kwavvy - Shayo Galore

Vntge and Kwavvy – Shayo Galore

Vntge and Kwavvy have recently announced the release of a new project: Shayo Galore. October 2021 - At times, you come across a brand new...
Myke D - Have You Ever

Myke D – Have You Ever

Myke D is now back with a new song: Have You Ever October 2021 - Melbourne-based rapper Myke D is the kind of artist who...


WEEKENDER&RUDIGER joined forces on a new release: The Lighthouse October 2021 - WEEKENDER&RUDIGER is the kind of musical partnership that is always ready to keep...
Da’ziiz - Drippy

Da’ziiz – Drippy

Da’ziiz drops his new single release, 'Drippy' Hi, there my name is Da’ziiz. I am an upcoming UK artist https://open.spotify.com/track/3SminIn6Geug9a9KozEbwh?si=aSPU5UN9SM-maGigHkc31g&context=spotify%3Aalbum%3A0kAFGI5EK4exOxu3OWeMnY FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Disciples of Verity - Remember the Living

Disciples of Verity – Remember the Living

Disciples of Verity drop their new single, 'Remember the Living' Corey Glover (Living Colour – two-time Grammy-Award winning vocalist) – Vocals Corey Pierce (God Forbid) –...
NANOESCA - Out the mud

NANOESCA – Out the mud

NANOESCA presents new single release: Out the mud Big slapper https://open.spotify.com/track/12B4ZMW9Met6S9joLRTLPU?si=WGnx-1EIS3eiZQdAU03ZyA FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Teach Me Human - Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart

Teach Me Human – Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart

Teach Me Human presents: Ruby, Don’t Break My Heart. October 2021 - Teach Me Human is an artist and songwriter based in Long Island, NY....
8-Bit & FourShores - LCD

8-Bit & FourShores – LCD

8-Bit & FourShores are proud to introduce a new single: LCD October 2021 - 8-Bit & FourShores are all about exploring new ideas, and their...
Brad Rosenkampff - Holly Holy

Brad Rosenkampff – Holly Holy

Brad Rosenkampff drops his latest single, 'Holly Holy' Brad Rosenkampff is a singer/songwriter from Atlanta, Ga who released his debut LP “Graced Washed Over Me”...

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