Jordan E. Spivack – (Hard Time) Comin’ Out (Review)

Music Review of the new single, ‘(Hard Time) Comin’ Out’ by recording artist Jordan E. Spivack

June 2020 – Artist and songwriter Jordan E. Spivack is back on the scene with a new song titled (Hard Time) Comin’ Out, which features some great melodies and amazing instrumental arrangements, adding more depth to the lyrics. The vocals and the instrumentals balance each other out to perfection, and the song has a unique concept as well, which deeply ties into the current state of the world. It takes our willingness to work together and put our differences aside.

Jordan E. Spivack captured this mood perfectly, with his most recent studio release, (Hard Time) Comin’ Out. The song has a really good production and a spontaneous approach to songwriting, and it stands out due to its one-of-a-kind arrangement, which showcases Jordan’s amazing lyrical mastery. The artist is able to compose music that is extremely dynamic and nuances, making for a more immersive listening experience, which is quite a sonic journey through his beautiful melodies and inspiring songwriting artistry. If you are a fan of music that’s made from the heart, this one’s for you.

Find out more about Jordan E. Spivack, and do not miss out on (Hard Time) Comin’ Out, as well as other songs and releases from this talented artist.