John Spak – Wonderland (Review)

Check out this review of the new single, ‘Wonderland’ released by John Spak

A soothing, classy and textural jazz-inspired release with a charismatic twist.

Jazz isn’t just a music genre. It’s a pure expression. Each note tells a unique story, and each song weaves a fascinating narrative pattern, taking the listener through various emotions and ideas. When listening to “Wonderland,” a new single release from John Spak, you can experience an incredible degree of creative freedom. This song is a labor of love, and it’s the product of an artist who is inspired, and inspiring. The song’s charming aesthetics are elegant and groundbreaking. “Wonderland” finds its strength in the minimalistic nature of the arrangement, which refrains from showy frills, in favor of a more authentic portrait of the artist’s genuine song writing skills.

This is a really great release for any fan of contemporary jazz, because it elevates the genre to different places, while retaining its timeless spirit of innovation as a form of expression that knows no boundaries. From John Coltrane to Miles Davis, jazz is all about personality, and John Spak has got plenty to give!

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