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Caren Kares – Memories (Of what you said to me)

Caren Kares introducing a new single: Memories (Of what you said to me) January 2021 - Caren Kares is a singer and songwriter who makes...

Emanuele De Lucia – The Pine Forest By The Sea

January 2021 - Emanuele De Lucia is a composer and songwriter based in Italy. He is a multi-talented artist who also plays several instruments,...

Giuliano Perticara – The Man Who Loves to Write Dreams

Giuliano Perticara proudly presents his new track, 'The Man Who Loves to Write Dreams' The man who loves to write dreams it's not only the...

Giulia Damico – Spherical Perceptions (Homage to Thelonious “Sphere” Monk)

Giulia Damico proudly presents, 'Spherical Perceptions (Homage to Thelonious "Sphere" Monk)' The work is a tribute to Thelonious Monk made by a young emerging Italian...

Connie Lansberg – Still

Connie Lansberg proudly presents her new single release, 'Still' Many singers profess to be natural storytellers, but few can also claim to be published authors.Australian...

Vibes Alive – Going Home

Going Home, the new release from Smooth jazz duo group 'Vibes Alive' and the new single from their album, "Vibrasonic" released earlier in 2020. Vibes...

Alan Goldsher – Love and Peace

Alan Goldsher returns with the release of his new single, 'Love and Peace' After nine releases and a whopping 52,000 Spotify streams, the Gold Note...

Alan Goldsher – F = Funk (Gold Note Records Singles Club,...

Alan Goldsher returns with his new single: F = Funk (Gold Note Records Singles Club, Vol. 8) On the eighth installment of the Gold Note...

Bruce Nowlin – Speak Easy

Bruce Nowlin presents his song, 'Speak Easy' taken off his full album  From the musically diverse mind of Bruce Nowlin comes hints at the eclectic...

Alan Goldsher – C Jam Blues (Gold Note Singles Club, Vol....

C Jam Blues (Gold Note Singles Club, Vol. 7) by Alan Goldsher -Former Digable Planets bassist Alan Goldsher melds swing, funk, electronica, and noise on...


Wasabi - Touch is a Move

Wasabi – Touch is a Move

Wasabi announces the release of his new album, 'Touch is a Move' Wasabi is a musician/ songwriter who allows himself to be vulnerable through his...
T San Bruno - $he Endle$

T San Bruno – $he Endle$$

T San Bruno presenting his single, '$he Endle$$' T San Bruno=emo rap artist. T San Bruno with his emo rap "$he Endle$$" song. 7 Heartbreaks...


SURVE presenting the Official Music Video, 'FREEDOM' Watching the world turn in 2020... Covid... Racism ... Religious disputes Over Politics... Presidents . & innocent people...
REG - Captivated Murderer (Review)

REG – Captivated Murderer (Review)

REG is back on the scene with a brand new studio release: Captivated Murderer. January 2021 - REG is a talented artist and songwriter...
Different Boats - Girl at the Party

Different Boats – Girl at the Party

Different Boats announce the release of their new single, 'Girl at the Party' This is our first of many songs. Different Boats is a Pop/Hip-hop/Rap...
Surve - Freedom

Surve – Freedom

Surve proudly presents his new single, 'Freedom' Hi I'm Surve first CHH artist to be wrote about in rolling stone ... First CHH artist to...


ENIGMARAPPER presents: One Take ENIGMRAPPER - ONE TAKE 2021 AFS https://open.spotify.com/track/3PfISgJm3HFQlvvlqv3Qsf?si=aj0lGrIuTXOJY2NTB1nnrQ PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
TekNoNo - Work

TekNoNo – Work

TekNoNo releases his new single, 'Work' TekNoNo is a Dj/Producer from the outskirts of Detroit. Under a different name, he has held a residency at...
Csawitall - Sicc

Csawitall – Sicc

Csawitall proudly presents his latest track, 'Sicc' Sicc is a Texas Drill/Trap song writt looen and produced by Csawitall https://open.spotify.com/track/5ciYOA9gGBzqXz1b4nLjek PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...
Alborn - Cause To Create

Alborn – Cause To Create

Alborn dropping their new single release, 'Cause To Create' Alborn has already drawn the attention of Morgan Rose of Sevendust and Jose Urquiza of 3...
Alien Oscillations - Sammy

Alien Oscillations – Sammy

Alien Oscillations introducing their new single release, 'Sammy' Alien Oscillations is an Alt Rock band with creamy guitar and bass lines, punchy drums, and this...
A1OURWORLD - Lost Boyz

A1OURWORLD – Lost Boyz

A1OURWORLD's first music video for 'Lost boyz' is out and on a fire vibe! The two artist Mastalokey x A1 Jovi are back with...

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