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Ori Dagan – Rebirth Of The Cool

Ori Dagan presenting, 'Rebirth Of The Cool' From Jazz singer/songwriter Ori Dagan’s new album “Click Right Here” Rebirth Of The Cool is an ode to...

Ori Dagan – Viruses

Ori Dagan excited to present his new track, 'Viruses' From Singer/Songwriter Ori Dagan’s new album 
Click Right Here”. Viruses is an epic 3-minute romp to...

Ori Dagan – Would You Swing My Way

Ori Dagan presenting his new latest track, 'Would You Swing My Way' From Jazz singer/songwriter Ori Dagan’s new album “Click Right Here” Would You Swing...

Studio D’Lux – Ain’t Good Enough

Ain't Good Enough, the New Single from Studio D'Lux https://open.spotify.com/track/5AExOE1gZdWRPX2RxEG6ty?si=8ddeab46a4804c4c

Soulcare – The Long and Winding Road

Soulcare presents: "The Long and Winding Road" May 2022 - Soulcare is a band from Barcelona, Spain. The line-up has a focus on bringing innovation...

Soulcare – The Long and Winding Road (Review)

Soulcare has released a new cover of “The Long and Winding Road” by The Beatles. Soulcare is a music group from Barcelona, Spain. The...

Katherine Farnham – Besame Mucho (feat Denny Jiosa)

Katherine Farnham presenting her single, 'Besame Mucho' featuring Denny Jiosa 2022 Grammy U Mentor, Billboard-charting, 9-Time Global Music Award winner, and internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter/pianist Katherine...

Michael Lemmo – Blue Comet

Michael Lemmo makes his debut solo release with the album, "Blue Comet" which features the self titled song plus "Chandler Boulevard." This album was...

Ori Dagan – My Finger Slipped

From jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan's upcoming album "Click Right Here" the self-penned single "My Finger Slipped" is a hilarious slice of 21st century life...

Soulcare – Fly me to the Moon

Soulcare PRESENTS: Fly me to the Moon Fly me to the moon song (Bart Howard) musically arranged by Soulcare. This song is dedicated to my...


Natalie Lane – Dating in Los Angeles

Natalie Lane has recently dropped a new EP: "Dating in Los Angeles" June 2022 - Natalie Lane is an artist from Los Angeles, California. Her...
Eytan Ribner - The Man

Eytan Ribner – The Man

Eytan Ribner is a country music artist whose music videos and songs have won awards at festivals around the world. They are excited to...
Fygtrill - Way Out

Fygtrill – Way Out

ArtistRack brings to you 'Way Out' by Fygtrill: I felt trapped and this song is just a reflection of where I was mentally at the...
American Jetset - Tokyo Radio

American Jetset – Tokyo Radio

Tokyo Radio, the latest single from American Jetset's "Cat's Got Your Tongue" brings back that feeling of good 'ol Pop Metal of the '80s....
Reddstar - Outsiders

Reddstar – Outsiders

ArtistRack brings to you the brand new track 'Outsiders' from rap/rock/alternative/hard rock band Reddstar. High energy, upbeat and full of grit. https://open.spotify.com/track/6SnW8a3fJJ9J1CMuzv3yoX?si=5ebb01fb9d974285 PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...

Canelita Sabrosa – Havana

This is a Latin Jazz spiced up cover of the Camilla Cabello track "Havana" from Atlanta's own Canelita Sabrosa. Their self titled album was...
Dr Jaymz - Today

Dr Jaymz – Today

ArtistRack brings to you 'Today' by the talented Dr Jaymz Become uplifted by a spiritual-filled, upbeat, and groovy track brimming with hope. Hope, being the...
Jade Ashtangini - 猫のぬくもり

Jade Ashtangini – 猫のぬくもり

ArtistRack brings to you '猫のぬくもり' by the talented Jade Ashtangini: 猫のぬくもり (Cat's tenderness/warmth) - this is a piano piece with a sweet, elegant and Japanese...

Brooke Josephson – Showin Up (Roukin Remix)

Showin' Up (Roukin Remix) is the second track from Brooke Josephson's 2022 release "Showin Up" and is the second remix from DJ Roukin collaboration...

Whiskey West – Never Said No To Whiskey

ArtistRack brings to you 'Never Said No To Whiskey' by Whiskey West: Americana energetic feel good music with some influences from Johnny Cash. Violins, down...
Iva Toric - Time To Die

Iva Toric – Time To Die

Time To Die is the second single from Iva Toric's upcoming album release "Dead Reckoning" set for release in Fall of 2022. This doom...
Hypnotic Cover

ASHBA – Hypnotic

ArtistRack brings to you 'Hypnotic' by the talented ASHBA: World-renowned producer, songwriter and multiplatinum recording artist, ASHBA introduces his unique version of EDM to the...

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