Ivan Beecroft – Whatever (review)

Ivan Beecroft - Whatever (review)

Ivan Beecroft has just released his newest album ‘Whatever’ pioneering his personal experience through creative innovation for the betterment of others. The impeccable chord progressions revert this style of music back to the grunge age of retroactive rock sound with a state-of-the-art spin to the core musicianship.

The struggle of the working-class experience is deeply embedded into the emotion of the music cloaked in a grim reality of the struggle and sacrifice people make to provide for themselves and loved ones. There is subterranean philosophical meaning entrenched within every lyric and melody contained on this album that manifests itself through the triumph of trauma. Furthermore, this downhearted tonality is embraced in the vision of the artists themselves to transmute negative experiences into timeless music to inspire others in a relatable situation.

The songwriting facets establish a dark undertone meshed with thought-provoking poeticism that stimulates the listening audience and was meant for intrinsic intellectuals. The incessant mood fluctuates in a calculated perpetual motion to fully take advantage of the creative potential each song expands upon.

In summation, this album was fashioned to encourage those who are in a rut to pull themselves up through the metaphysical frequencies it emits and infiltrate our very spirits.


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Ivan has struggled to transcend the limitations of his working class background. As a steel worker in a dying industry he was often appalled by the blatantly unsafe conditions he and his colleagues were expected to work under. The memory of a workmate screaming in pain after having his hand caught in a faulty machine is just one that has contributed to Ivan’s social conscience. The challenges of finding and keeping safe, ongoing employment have given him empathy with those who are displaced or disadvantaged in modern society.

Coping with the day-to-day reality of his working life led Ivan to turn to music as a form of solace. The song Miss You exemplifies this, it was inspired by the death of his father and dedicated to his mother and sister.

His workplace experiences are also reflected in his music. The lyrics can be angry and political and some are quite dark, while the simple melodies and upbeat rhythms belie the nasty, cynical element. However the mood is not all anger and melancholy – Ivan’s marriage to his teenage sweetheart has inspired some happier, more loving songs. Her efforts to find purpose, as well as Ivan’s own, have also been the catalyst for several more philosophical offerings.

Ivan’s musical journey was almost derailed when his bass player and long-time friend attempted to defend a neighbour from a random drug-fuelled attack. He was hospitalised, was in a coma for a month, almost lost sight in one eye and was left partially deaf. This rendered him unable to continue playing bass. Ivan was so traumatised that he turned his back on music altogether – until his wife bought him a new guitar for his birthday almost two years later, prompting him to start writing songs and playing again.

Ivan has always been a versatile musician. He started out playing the flute, then successively played saxophone, drums, and guitar in various bands, gigging extensively. He then moved into writing and recording original material. As a result of being dissatisfied with the music production that he could afford, and inspired by the independent Do-It-Yourself ethos of underground 70s UK bands such as Sex Pistols, Joy Division and The Clash, he learned how to record, mix, master and produce his own music. This gave him much more creative freedom.

His distinctive baritone voice is influenced by the deep vocals of Jim Morrison and Eddie Vedder, while his music shows evidence of the influence of his parents’ record collection – Glenn Miller Band, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Duane Eddy, Neil Diamond, The Beatles – as well as Ivan’s own collection: David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Church, Soundgarden, Paul Kelly, INXS, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Icehouse. Ivan’s music can be described as retro rock / 90s grunge pop.