Giuliano Perticara – Cydonia’s Bounce

Giuliano Perticara has released a new single: Cydonia’s Bounce.

Giuliano Perticara is an artist and musician who puts so much passion and focus into his music. He is a jazz performer who loves to keep his music warm and authentic, putting more emphasis on the dynamics on the music and the natural tone of the instruments. As a guitarist, Giuliano spent many years studying instruments such as the guitar and the sax, attending courses at prestigious global institutions, such as Umbria Jazz and Berklee College Of Music, just to mention a few. He’s been perfecting his skills ever since the mid 80s, and he is now an accomplish performer with a dedication to quality sound. Giuliano’s single, “Cydonia’s Bounce,” is featured within his most recent album release, “M87.” The song boasts unusual tempos and experimental melodies, tipping the hat off to artists as diverse as John Zorn, Slivovitz, Sam Prekop and Marc Ribot, just to mention a few.

Ultimately, Giuliano’s music is a blend of jazz, fusion, and experimental tones, all blended in together seamlessly.

Find out more about Giuliano Perticara, and listen to “Cydonia’s Bounce,” as well as his new album, “M87” and other releases from this amazing act.