Gevonovich – Bones (Review)

Gevonovich - Bones (Review)

Gevonovich has officially upped the ante on her newest single Bones being pushed by DnGStudiosSF to bring EDM back to its grassroots reverence and harness this momentum to reach higher platforms of creative influence.

The arpeggiated slap back delays on this track hit in a hastily fashion quantized to the quick beat tempo. The vocal layering fit together like a convolutely organized puzzle to establish a robust performance through the pin-pointed focused deliveries on the composition.

This record fluctuates from moments of blissful trance to heavy resonance in the distorted rhythmic sections. The song breaks down and recuperates marvelously while keeping the cadence consistent throughout the songs texture. Bones encapsulates the euphoric musicianship within this artist’s vision as a trailblazer that infiltrates the harmonious creative cells of conscious human beings.

The chord progressions gravitate the tectonic riffs through unexpected shifts in the musical attitude throughout the track with gritty distorted texture ingrained in the atmospheric ambience. The mix’s capacity to hold competing melodies is extremely impressive and should be a respected element to this song’s success – The engineering components were done in a professional manner to add substance, saturated tone and conceptual balance in the music.

This music will enlighten innovative sentiments in a long lost musical age to revert back to the hardcore fundamentals of traditional Electronic Dance Music spun with a novel edge that is both true and precise.

You can listen to Bones by Gevonovich here: