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Nachtkeule – The Entrance

Nachtkeule proudly presents latest track, 'The Entrance' This track includes a deep kickdrum and at least I put a dark bassline in the background. The...

Murf Machine Music – Steal My Heart

Murf Machine Music presents exciting new single, 'Steal My Heart' An Ibiza Chill song inspired by chilling out, listening to music at the Ushuaia Hotel...

Joshua Francis – Your Ghostwriter’s In The Sky

One quarter into a self-imposed sentence of 28 years for the murder of Mark Mulcahy in 2012. Repentance, penitence and reparations are the order...

Saccade – Fire Starter

Saccade proudly presents new song, 'Fire Starter' A native son of Los Angeles, Sam Davidson grew up on a steady diet of classic rock and...

Saccade – The Pictures We Paint

Saccade presenting his new album, 'The Pictures We Paint' A native son of Los Angeles, Sam Davidson grew up on a steady diet of classic...

Tommy Positivity – ATAP 2.0

Tommy Positivity proudly presents new single, 'ATAP 2.0' All things are possible not always logical if this track doesn't light your fire don't know what...

Dj Dcuellar – Never Gone

Dj Dcuellar proudly presents exciting new single, 'Never Gone' Hello I am Dj Dcuellar and I'm an independent Trance/Techno and Dance music Dj producer https://open.spotify.com/track/5NudfWkFibjiJ0CYx9iQIX?si=QQIR-wULRtqHeatpCciMMw PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW...

Crsn.K – Fall

Check out the new single, 'Fall' released by Crsn.K https://open.spotify.com/track/6jI5f1p8UWwVyurM4v6kKi  

CAL, Robbie Nova, Jenreles – Ocean Remix

This is Ocean Remix by CAL. (@caljamonit) produced by @jenreles feat. Robbie Nova (@itsthatrobbienova). I’ve had the pleasure to work with this talented producer, Who...

Intuitive ACE – Future Bass Project

Intuitive ACE presenting his latest release, 'Future Bass Project' latest installment of future bass music created by Intuitive ACE @Intuitiveaceproductions Packed with a lot of hard...


Taymarion - Beautiful Lies

Taymarion – Beautiful Lies

Taymarion presenting exciting new single, 'Beautiful Lies' Beautiful Lies is the story of an addiction to love, companionship, and the sound of broken promises. Just...
BOMBFACE - Chopper

BOMBFACE – Chopper

BOMBFACE drops the visuals for new single, 'Chopper' Great song chopper getting rave reviews needs a bigger plat form PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE
YM Sk8board - Pop That!

YM Sk8board – Pop That!

New single, 'Pop That!' released by YM Sk8board Music Artist: YM Sk8board born and raised in the Lover state of Virginia. When he just stepped...
Syra - Drop It Like It’s Hot

Syra – Drop It Like It’s Hot

Syra drops her brand new single, 'Drop It Like It’s Hot' Syra is from St. Louis, MO. She has been a lover of music all...
A. G. K. - Ain't Nothing Wrong

A. G. K. – Ain’t Nothing Wrong

A. G. K. presents, 'Ain't Nothing Wrong' Just trying to talk about love and see what y'all know about it check me out FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...
Dalby - Don’t Let This Town Fool You

Dalby – Don’t Let This Town Fool You

Presenting, 'Don’t Let This Town Fool You' by Dalby This song follows Junction Town Blues. Don’t Let This Down Fool You tells a story about...
Alexandra Harley - Devil's Love

Alexandra Harley – Devil’s Love

Alexandra Harley proudly presents her exciting new hit single, 'Devil's Love' Alexandra Harley is a 24 year old singer songwriter from a small beach town...


Presenting, 'Purple Snow' by BLACKOUTONDABEAT purple snow- a melodic horn,with a fire 🔥 hihat pattern and a crazy 808 ! when I made this, I was...
Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) - Won't Ease Up

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) – Won’t Ease Up

Real Talk (The Metaphor Messiah) is back with a exciting new single, 'Won't Ease Up' Won't Ease Up is a song about the adventures throughout...
JmorE - So Empty

JmorE – So Empty

JmorE releases his new single, 'So Empty' do not miss out on listening to this new release I wrote the song So Empty earlier this...

Lil Manzi – Swag Gang

Check out the new single, 'Swag Gang' released by Lil Manzi Lil manzi 16years old rapper,who raps in English and Italian is trying to get...
Mak7teen - Problems

Mak7teen – Problems

Mak7teen & Pryme Tracks come together and bring to you 'Problems'... A dope West Coast track Mak7teen destroys!!! Produced by Pryme Tracks, recorded at...

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