Dev AMIL – AMIL Soul feat. Frank AMIL (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single ‘AMIL Soul’ by Dev AMIL (featuring Frank AMIL) 

Dev Amil is a uniquely talented hip-hop artist. His sound is unlike the tone of most modern rappers, and his approach to melody is what really makes his music stand out. Dev AMIL’s approach to hip-hop is laced with many other tasty influences, ranging from R&B to even neo-soul, only to mention but a few. However, the tone is really bright and direct at heart, and it has a unique modern feel with a lot of edge.

Recently, Dev teamed up with Frank AMIL to create a really groundbreaking new release titled AMIL soul. This song really captures that distinctive “AMIL”  vibe and it really captures the sound and feel of what it is like to create music with such a strong personal connection. The tone is direct and energetic, making for an exciting and direct feel each step of the way.  In addition to the great melodies and thunder-ready beats, one of the most exciting aspects of this release, is the production, which really makes for a nice listening experience.


Dev ‪AMIL‬ from Yonkers, NY is the shinning angle in the crown of the AMIL brand. Dev focuses on authenticity, creativity, real life issues and a mentally higher innerstanding of life. His music displays a wide range of different topics with heavy content radiating a soon to be great legacy in the hip hop culture.

A.M.I.L. (All Money is Legal) or (Ambition, Motivation Is Life) is a Hip Hop brand encoded through authentic music, esoteric fine art, literature, film and fashion. Influenced by art, occult, economics and the Hip Hop culture. The encoded acronym A.M.I.L. (All Money is Legal) signifies that all possibilities are infinite when the right amount of energy is applied to your determined goal. Money is the currency, the currency is the current and the current is the melanin.