Carol Blaze – Signals (Review)

Carol Blaze - Signals

Check out this Review on album ‘Signals’ from Artist Carol Blaze

Carol Blaze’s brand new release, “Signals” is a smooth and rich alternative single that hits the listener in all the right places. The song is actually featured within Carol’s full-length album by the same title, and it certainly highlights the diverse and distinctive tone of this act.

The artist’s raw and expressive vocal performance is reminiscent of iconic singers such as Trent Reznor, Ronnie James Dio or Jim Morrison, while the style of this production blurs the lines between post-punk, alternative rock, industrial and experimental electronic music with a sharp edge. This particular song has a slow build-up, with a thick, dramatic crescendo, which explodes later on, revealing a huge wall of electric guitars and a full-on rhythm section that dives into grunge and hard rock territory.

What I particularly enjoy about Carol Blaze’s music is that the lyrical flow is always at the centerpiece of the song.  The artist’s songwriting has a creative flair that keeps the listener replaying the songs over and over again. The tune is emotional and direct and it fits perfectly with the energy of the song, making for a raw and distinctive vibe.

I couldn’t get the melody and hook out of my head, as well as the hypnotic rhythm, which was stuck on repeat all day!  The artist is simultaneously able to create something that is direct and catchy with enough lyrical depth to keep you coming back for more.

You can listen to ‘Signals’ from Artist Carol Blaze here