Aveleen Rose – Who I Am (Review)

Aveleen Rose - Who I Am (Review)

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A distinctive blend of singer/songwriter honesty and powerful rock music.

Aveleen Rose is a talented singer and songwriter who is known for a very emotional, direct and personal approach to her music. Her most recent release, aptly titled “Who I Am” is a perfect example of the emotional honesty that makes this artist really great.

Hailing from London, Aveleen is not your average cup: her blend of songwriting is influenced by some of the grittiest rock music, but she still retains a lot of melody. From Kurt Cobain, to Janis Joplin and The Beatles, she set out to channel some of the best music of all eras into a sound that feels very persona and unique.

“Who I am” is more than just a song: it is a very powerful statement, and a phenomenal introduction to an artist with a lot to say. This song has a really great recording, which really highlight’s the song’s natural arrangement and clever balance. On top of it all, Aveleen’s amazing vocals truly shine, making for a direct and fantastic feel. She can be emotional and soft-spoken, but also energetic and full of attitude, adding multiple dimensions to her artistry. “Who I Am” is really a perfect introduction to Aveleen’s world, and we are sure you’ll want more right away.

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Aveleen Rose is a rock singer and songwriter from London, with a versatile singing and songwriting ability developed through her experience in performing with various bands and different genres from rock and blues, to Celtic and jazz.
Aveleen writes not only about love and relationships, but also about injustices, society, struggles and the meaning of life. “Music helped me in many ways, but mainly reminded me of who I really was”. Her debut EP entitled ‘Who I Am’, is  a journey towards self discovery and freedom and she hopes that it will help others at least as much as it helped her.
‘Although I am a rock singer, I wanted to write the kind of music that transcends genres and that everyone would listen to, despite preferences.’