ArtistRack Reviews ‘You Are The One’ by The Impersonators

ArtistRack Reviews 'You Are The One' by The Impersonators

Check out our review for ‘You Are The One’ by The Impersonators:

The juggernaut songwriting duet in this band is an apparent expression of their musical aptitude through the master mind alliance of creative understanding. This song was written with impeccable craftiness as it resonated beautifully with the harmonic melodies that remained constant throughout.

These ballads sound like an obligatory duet between two protagonists for an optimistic message of love and faithfulness. The inherent message has depth that holds a genuine memorandum that positively contradicts the jumble being pushed by the mainstream music industry as an act of counter cultural values. The lucid intonation of each vocal provides a clean-cut unblemished tranquility that moves like an orchestra of innovation towards a purified mix.

There is a live performance element to the recording process that resembles a Broadway execution of music or an intricate Disney collaborative of ingenuity. The string sections ride in waves that fit the seamless nature of the tempo oscillations with orchestral swells layered underneath the aural vocals. Furthermore, the brass portions of the track convey a rugged texture to the single that gives it a certain gruffness to contrast its clean nature with a sense of intangible saturated jaggedness.

The piano chord progressions gave this single a consistent anchor for the musicians to expand upon and pivot the supplemental features off of. ‘You Are The One’ is simply a magnificent artisan piece that has the potential to be transmuted to an emotionally uplifting continuum of inspired listeners.

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The Impersonators came into being after the demise of Finnish pop/rock band Carmen Gray in 2013 when Tommi Tikka, the other half of Carmen Gray’s songwriting team, joined forces with lyricist Antti Autio to write some new songs.

While Carmen Gray had recorded for major labels, such as Sony and Warner, the Impersonators’ story was going to be different from the get-go. With this particular group, Tikka wanted to have complete artistic control over the songs he recorded to avoid generic and sterile production typical for modern pop/rock.

For most of 2014, Tikka auditioned musicians for the new group. However, after three failed attempts to put together a lineup that did justice to the new songs, he decided to play all the parts himself. With that decision, the Impersonators became a group of two songwriters rather than a group of four or five musicians – with Antti in charge of the lyrics and Tommi in charge of the music.

The best way to describe the sound of the Impersonators is to call it sixties-flavored “alternative pop/rock”. Their goal is to nurture and cultivate the creativity, spirit, and warmth that graced the pop records of yesteryears.

2017 has been a busy year for The Impersonators so far. In May, they released “Luncheon at the Cannon Street Hotel Part 2” as well as signed with FBP Music Publishing based out of Frankfurt, Germany.

Their debut single for FBP “You Are the One” came out on November 17, 2017.