ArtistRack reviews ‘Sexier Than Ever’ by Alexxx

ArtistRack reviews 'Sexier Than Ever' by Alexxx

‘Sexier Than Ever’ possessed a dynamic stream of elaborate music with various intricate instruments established on one uniform composition. Alexxx puts his music abilities forward with an interesting archetype of transcendent sound that resonates original music with third world instruments dispersed over hard-hitting chords.

His vocals hold a humble intonation to the entire mix that gives it a raw feel to the track while changing up the flow deliveries at unexpected points in the song. The choral elements provide a warmth that fills up the single’s structure with systematic panning percussive facets implemented into each stanza. Alexxx’s songwriting capabilities are more than apparent on “Sexier Than Ever” creating a multifaceted twisted word play approach with melodic undertones.

The layered harmonic constituencies are a constant trend on this intricate single as they layer in a complex puzzle pattern that would only make sense within the confines of a masterful artist. The syncopated aspects of the tempo surface unique fluctuations in the music that is not common of today’s musicians aspiring for top tier positions on the FM/AM wavelengths. In short, Sexier Than Ever is a feel-good ballad executed by a magnificent musician putting his all into the fabric of contemporary music’s culture for the better.


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I was Born in Saint Petersburg, Russia and I moved in Italy when I was two. Since I was a child I used to play the piano and I used to study music, then at the age of 14 I started to write my own music and in 2012 I posted on-line my first EP. Two years later I released the lead single, Kiss Me One More Time, of my first album called Defective Robot. After a lot of cover by mainly pop artists, I released an EP called Love Exists in 2016.
On the 20th of October I published the lead single, Sexier Than Ever, of my next new album called My Vibes that it’s going to be released on the 17th of November.