ArtistRack Reviews ‘Dolla Bill’ by J.U.S Lyric (Prod. By LeZter)

Dolla Bill by J.U.S Lyric (Prod. By LeZter)

It has been a while since we have seen Houston’s own J.U.S Lyric on ArtistRack, but he is back again with another banger ‘Dolla Bill’ (Prod. By LeZter). Lyric reemerges with another fire track. In “Dolla Bill” Lyric takes you on a journey about his need for the money after realizing how the game works. Check out our review:

The minimalist approach contained on this instrumental holds a considerable amount of bravura as it conveys an aggressive tone contrasted with the clanking bell-like percussion helpings overtop the mix. This elegance proves the creative nature of J.U.S Lyric as he sticks to his guns in terms of producing bangers without bearing too much content for the listeners – In other words, he is pound-for-pound an exceptional producer that simply concerned with the carnal constituencies his soundscapes portray rather than the fancy unnecessary outliers.

Dolla Bill (Prod. LeZter) serves as a source of perfection for lyrically swift MCs who need some breathing room within the composition to display their rhyme skills without being overcrowded with bells & whistles. This single infuses the novelty aspects of production with a juvenile music box representing a novice attribution to the overall music that becomes more apparent as the composition progresses further.

The filthy 808s surface the subatomic bass swells that rigidly carve out the low end of the song making significant room for the other portions with a sense of lucid clarity. The gritty bass notes contain a grumbling edge that holds significant vibrato on the composition shape shifting to the composition’s surface and impeding in a volcanic frequency explosion of epic proportions. Scope J.U.S Lyric the pivotal producer holding true to his resourceful artform and possessing the integrity of the golden age hip hop sound in a new way.


Listen to Dolla Bill by J.U.S Lyric here: