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Azahar – Sweet Tooth

Check out the new single, 'Sweet Tooth' by Azahar  Azahar is a teen, three-piece lofi hip hop collective from Houston, Texas. FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM

Neon BLK – Curiosity

Native Houston Artist, Neon BLK, Comes Out With A Promotional Single "Curiosity" From His Debut Mixtape 'Interpretations' Coming 2019. Produced By Minnesota Producer Centz. FOLLOW...

Neon BLK – 10 Summers

Native Indie Houston Artist, Neon BLK, Delivers Another Heart Capturing Single "10 Summers" Produced By Indie Canadian Producer Krainsound. 10 Summers Gives Us A...

Introducing KishiGami.XIII

Introducing KishiGami.XIII: I’m Just a down young Nigga from the south looking to show the world how I feel about it. I rep Houston Texas....

Neon BLK – Two Kings

Native Houston Indie Artist, Neon BLK, Comes Out With Another Single "Two Kings". This Song Captures The Emotion of Self-Doubt Mixed With The Thought of...

King Rob – Gimme A Moment

AritstRack brings to you 'Gimme A Moment' by King Rob, a hip-hop veteran hailing from Houston, Tx. His lable, Renaisance Muzik, is rolling out...

Neon BLK – Exiled

Exiled Is The Newest Single From Houston Indie Artist, Neon BLK. Hailing from Houston, Texas, Neon BLK has been an artist since 2017 but has...


YSK unleashing new single, SEALINGS (Ft. BOOMBOOM) YSK is a rap artist, hailing from Houston and currently based in South London. Recently, he dropped a...

Aspie Mo – I’m Tha Man

Aspie Mo introducing new release, “I’m Tha Man” Aspie Mo is a rap artist from Houston, Texas with a refined, powerful and forward-thinking sound. His most...

Neon BLK – Titans

Neon BLK releases his new single 'Titans' check it out here Hey I'm Neon BLK from Houston, Texas. I wrote 'Titans' this year about domestic...


Tara Kye - Put Your Phone Down

Tara Kye – Put Your Phone Down

Tara Kye introducing new single, Put Your Phone Down. July 2020 - Artist and songwriter Tara Kye has just released a brand new song titled...
Purp Reynolds - New League

Purp Reynolds – New League

Purp Reynolds presents the visuals for his new single: New League Bringing back that good hip hop feel and music we all respect. Purp Reynolds...
Nate6 - Hard to Trust

Nate6 – Hard to Trust

New single release, 'Hard to Trust' by Nate6  Do not miss out on listening to it here https://open.spotify.com/track/4ebnBVSYb8YeUZkZlqLn7B?si=SBTaJGoWS_KL0ufpuG5EDw FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Evan Croft - Together

Evan Croft – Together

Evan Croft is back on the scene with a new, intimate single release, “Together.” July 2020 - Evan Croft is a Canadian-born entertainer (January 26th,...
Ari Skye - Look Into My Eyes

Ari Skye – Look Into My Eyes

'Look Into My Eyes' is the new single from Ari Skye. A 16 year old singer from Montreal, Canada.The song, is anchored in those...
K-Roc & J-Massive - They Can’t Do It (ft Fedarro)

K-Roc & J-Massive – They Can’t Do It (ft Fedarro)

Hailing from the Antelope Valley area in Southern California, K-Roc and J-Massive releases their debut single “They Can’t Do It” (ft Fedarro) from their...
Jeff Road - Time to Hit the Road

Jeff Road – Time to Hit the Road

Time to Hit the Road, the latest single by Jeff Road Time to hit the road is a country ballad with a somber tone that...
Le Baron Rouge - Buny

Le Baron Rouge – Buny

Le Baron Rouge present their new single release, 'Buny' BUNY by (Silverlakes) - Le Baron Rouge is there first single off there forthcoming album The...
Tavish - Change

Tavish – Change

Presenting new single, 'Change' released by EDM artist Tavish   Tavish is a Musician, Composer, Producer and Singer from the city of New Delhi, India. He started...
Nanoesca - Green Light

Nanoesca – Green Light

Green Light by NANOESCA FT. JAG Check it out here https://open.spotify.com/track/2tPQD9rgbzamKFO4DC5Xjd?si=L4t75UAjRHqDkt18r-Rgbg PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Chris Nito - Nightmares

Chris Nito – Nightmares

Chris Nito introduces his new song, 'Nightmares' The multi faceted Chris Nito is a self taught musician hailing from Provo, UT. From singing at a...
Terry Blade - Brooms and Mops

Terry Blade – Brooms and Mops

Terry Blade returns with his new single, 'Brooms and Mops' Chicago’s Terry Blade is a soul singer for the new generation, using his sultry baritone...

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