ArtistRack reviews ‘Come Back Home’ by Antonial Barnes

ArtistRack reviews Come Back Home by Antonial Barnes:

Antonial Barnes wears multiple hats in his musical empire sifting effortlessly from the low-end bass lines all the way throughout the collective instrumental spectrum of design. The slow tempo organ pieces give the composition a widened sound for the piano chords to work with touching down the center of the stereo image. The magnificent vocals shine as an enlightened dimension with a vigorous presence domineering the entire single to its incessant apparition.

The lofi distortive guitar bit crushes the signal into a unique saturated harmonic that is difficult for novice engineers to replicate. His natural ability to accurately create rhythm conceptualities is a gift from his parents and a cultivated skill set through diligent effort/studies. There is something to be said about an extraordinary talented artist that can convey different faculties to the forefront as each piece of the music is completely under their supremacy.

In other words, Barnes is the competent composer that permeates Jazz and R&B in an pioneering manner. He is the conductor of the frequency spectrum to organize complexities in a cohesive style towards his authentic songwriting. Attention to detail is an obvious value of Barnes as he professionally mixes his music, so that all constituencies reach a standard within melodic texture.

‘Come Back Home’ will invigorate the soulful department that has been lacking in modern day music and provide emotional continuity for potential fans at a fundamental level.

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