Introducing ‘Chronamut’

Introducing 'Chronamut'

Introducing ‘Chronamut’

Chronamut, aka Shawn Dall, is a visual artist, musician, writer, and spiritual teacher based in Hamilton Ontario, Canada.

Since 2003, Chronamut has been creating visceral and engaging music. The artists’ style and approach is eclectic. He blurs the lines between EDM, ambient, classical, pop, rock, and industrial, to mention but a few genres. In this diverse melting pot Chronamut creates music that is distinctive and unique.

Chronamut is inspired by a range of iconic artists, these include Nobuo Uematsu, Steven Cravis, and Eric Prydz. He’s also influenced by the likes of ParagonX9, F-777, WaterFlame, Env, and Dj-Nate, among many others.

Chronamut is always working on a diverse variety of projects. He’s a published author, videogame composer, and established spiritual teacher. The artist also runs an independent label, Sonic Disc Productions.

Chronamut is a prolific musician but is always releasing new music and art that pushes the boundaries.

Follow the link here to listen to Chronamut’s latest release!

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