4-TRAY – Social Life (Review)

4-TRAY - Social Life (Review)

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4-TRAY – Social Life 

4-TRAY is an artist based in Shreveport, Louisiana. He stands out because of a really unique approach to his blend of hip-hop, combing striking melodies with unique lyrics and characterful vocal hooks. His sound is really direct and energetic, and it really stands out for its combination of quality production attributes, and great wordplay. Recently, 4-TRAY took to the web to bring a brand new release to life. His most recent project is titled “Social Life” and it tips the hat off to modern hip-hop. The release immediately stands out due to its diverse melodies and quirky sonic ideas. In addition to that, what really hits the mark is definitely 4-TRAY’s one-of-a-kind approach to vocals and lyrics. As a rapper, 4-Tray knows how important it is to use words in a compelling way, truly compelling with listeners on a different level.

One of the most distinctive elements of this release is definitely the refreshing sound. The music creeps in with a really catchy intro melody, right before the beat kicks in in full blast. Soon after, 4-TRAY set out to impress the listeners with his vocal abilities. “Social Life” combines clever lyrics with melodically expressive rhymes, giving the song a really colorful tone and a larger-than-life attitude. This release reminds me of some of the best modern hip-hop out there. Ultimately, “Social Life” echoes the work of legendary rap artists, including Kendrick Lamar, Chance The Rapper and Joey Bada$$, only to name a few. You shouldn’t miss out on this one if you enjoy any of the aforementioned artists!

Do not miss out on 4-Tray’s music and check out “Social Life”, which is currently available on the Spotify for streaming.



Louisiana Artist & Producer “4-TRAY”, most definitely, he’s been called ahead of his time when it comes to music and what he thinks the people should hear. Live instrumentation with a slice of sophistication, while at the same time keeping it real no chaser music. Jordan Boy Music Group/Sounds of Port City- Keeping it Real no Chaser Music —K Jordan better known as 4-TRAY was born in Shreveport Louisiana, “Cedar Grove”, on the west side of town. He began his rapping career at the age of 17 and always wrote and produced his own music. His first solo release 4-Tray A Real MF Pimp (PE) was released in 1993 and sold underground, with much success. 4-TRAY is fresh out the studio with his latest hit single “Social Life ” an ambitions song, so please enjoy.