Withajay – TELL ME WHY (Review)

Withajay - TELL ME WHY

Music Review for the new single, ‘TELL ME WHY’ released by Withajay

Withajay to release brand new studio single: Tell Me Why

July 2020 – Withajay is a rap artist with a distinctive tone and feel. On one hand, his music has a classic vibe, akin to some of the best rappers in the game. On the other, it has a very lush and personal arrangement, which makes the music stand out.

His most recent release is a song titled “Tell Me Why.” As the name of this track might imply, there is a really personal feel to this release, and Withajay goes for a distinctive and dynamic tone! The song kicks off with a huge bass riff and some spoken word samples. The vocal melody and production have a nice dark vibe, which is far from the usual cliches of the modern hip-hop genre. There is something in this production, which actually make me think of acts like Nine Inch Nails or even Crazytown, only to mention a few!

Find out more about the talented Withajay, and do not miss out on Tell Me Why and other releases from this performer. This rap single is now available on Spotify and on other digital music streaming platforms on the web.