Tommy Jones – Calling Your Name (Review)

Tommy Jones - Calling Your Name (Review)

Check out this review of the new single titled ‘Calling Your Name’ released by Tommy Jones 

Tommy Jones is an artist and producer with a modern approach to EMD. His sound is full of deep grooves, banging production aesthetics and lots of low end. His most recent single release is a song titled “Calling Your Name”, and it definitely stands out as a massive example of the artist’s compelling production skills.

The song initiates with a really cool intro, setting the mood right. However, as the track unfolds, the arrangement becomes progressively denser, with extra details and additional elements thrown under the spotlight. Tommy’s approach could almost be defined as a “less is more” strategy here. He does not need to load up his songs with useless frills or pointless ornaments. He knows exactly what to do and how to allow each note to really count. If you enjoy the work of artists as diverse as Avicii, Kygo or San Hole, you might seriously love this one!

Tommy Jones did an absolutely remarkable job at creating a sound that feels engaging, direct and forward thinking at each step of the way. Whether you are blasting the track out of your headphones, or you are listening to it from the loudspeakers of a club, it certainly hits the mark with its astonishing production values and larger-than-life concept. This track is poised to get a good spot in your heavy rotation for quite some time to come!

Find out more about Tommy Jones, and don’t miss out on “Calling Your Name”, which is currently available on Spotify here